Navy Considering Wii-Fit and DDR Training

The good ol' U.S.A is having an issue with new military recruits being in far worse physical shape than before. Taking some innovative steps, the US Navy is considering including physically active video games into their training regiments.

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Fierce Musashi3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

DDR + US Navy? Somehow, I'm getting all of these funny images in my head.

john master lee3091d ago

So... isn't boot camp suppose to solve this issue? That wasn't working?

kghapa3091d ago

This concerns me greatly...maybe this is why we're having so much trouble in our "war against terror"

Hotel_Moscow3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

wii fit doesnt help you get fit it just tells you youre fat

ddr maybe on like maximum settings for long periods of time while having like 20 pound arm and leg weights

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