Wii widens Canadian sales gap

For the month, the Wii sold just over 53,000 units, with the DS trailing behind at 45,700 systems sold. Sony's PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable were next in line, with 21,000 and 18,500 sold, respectively. On the next-gen front, Microsoft's Xbox 360 moved 13,500 systems, while the PlayStation 3 sold through 6,500 units and was trumped by the Game Boy Advance; Nintendo's portable predecessor to the DS sold 8,800 systems.

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unsunghero284135d ago

What more needs to be said?

paracardium4135d ago

Is this for June I assume?

masterg4135d ago

They speak of a whole month so yeah this must be june.
Before the price drop.

the greatest4135d ago

just wait until next month sale

mikeslemonade4135d ago

Next month the tide will change.

HyperBear4135d ago

All electronic stores where I live, in Vancouver, have changed the price for the 60GB PS3 from $699.99CDN, to $549.99CDN, with a Blu-Ray movie.

BTW, I just got my Wii on Tuesday, so I now have all 3 next-gen-current-gen systems. Um, I havent gotten any games for Wii, cause there are none i like, anyone have any good ideas for games to get for Wii?, or to look out for(Metroid 3)?, or to get on Virtual Console (Wii Shop)?

PS-Wii-604135d ago

What about RE4? That's a must have even if you have it already for another console. The Wii controls only improve an already amazing gameplay experience.

HyperBear4135d ago

Im really looking into shooters or racing games for Wii, but im not a huge fan of RE series, i already have COD3 on 360, MoH sucks on Wii, and Red Steel i heard was crap. So i think im just gonna wait for games like Metroid 3, Mario Kart Wii, and Wii Fit and maybe some other games, until i buy my first wii game. Besides, im still paying off the system and all its accessories. (You realise that after you find a Wii, and buy it, and buy these accessories for it, extra wii-mote and nun-chuk, classic controller and wii points card, along with Component cables, it almost fully costs the amount for an Xbox 360 Premium. I guess its true that Nintendo is the apple of gaming, but at least Nintendo doesnt rip you off, and gaming is wayy more fun than music, although i like that too.

But thanks for your response, how about any Virtual Console games i should/might get, preferably from N64 catalogue. Thanks

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