SOCOM 4 Soundtrack Composed by Battlestar Galactica’s Bear McCreary

While the SOCOM franchise may be best known for its top-notch online multiplayer aspects, we think you’ll be blown away with what’s in store for you in SOCOM 4’s single-player campaign. We’re pushing the franchise further than it’s ever gone in terms of visuals, storytelling, presentation and, of course, action sequences that will leave your jaw on the floor, all while maintaining SOCOM’s classic tactical focus.

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jack_burt0n3067d ago

great news, he is a talented guy.

xc7x3067d ago

waits for dramatic music now to give out head-shots to enemies :-)

unrealgamer583067d ago

this game will be z megaton.

Kleptic3067d ago

why o why didn't my parents name me 'Bear'...

Ray1863067d ago

after staying away for awhile. I grow less excited for this game day by day.

T9X693067d ago

You and me both man, I was so excited when it was announced, hoping Zipper would do something close to SOCOM 2 since that what most SOCOM fans want. Then GDC 2010 came along and there was some gameplay....then I lost hope.