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IGN: White Knight Chronicles 2 Opening

IGN writes: "The opening sequence from the White Knight sequel, featuring a song from Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino. Japan gets the followup in July."

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Sevir043160d ago

even from this crappy quality IGN embedded video it looks better than the first. almost done with the first game so i'll have time to get at the second one when it releases next year i'm sure.

Godmars2903160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Forgetting the differences between the target trailer and actual gameplay are we?

Mind you, if they can deliver with that I'll be very happy.

@sunnygrg :
Not talking about graphics, but gameplay. Getting into a sword fight, blocking or hitting something, and have everything react. Not the usual MMO swipe animation with flash and damage taken thing.

At this point I wish devs let graphics to take a backseat to play mechanics and world development/design.

Raf1k13160d ago

I read something about the previous game being included with WKC2 with improvements so that should make it a worthwhile purchase.

sunnygrg3160d ago

WKC never was never about graphics. It was the gameplay that kept bringing me back to the game and thus my 600+ hours of grinding so far :)

Viper73160d ago

I am not too much on to the graphics, and just bought WKC. Its pretty good so far, altough the single player campaing could use a bit harder difficulty and a new story writer could be nice.

Love that fact that I can make my own avatar and use it in the single player tough. Also there are close to none mmorpg games on consoles so having games likes these doesn't hurt.

wishlist for the sequel:
- Better plot
- Difficulty of single-player campaign +10
- Even more ways to tweak the character and skills
- some changes to the controls (I am having hard time switching trough characters, but maybe I am missing something. Doing it trough the menu tough is very slow tough)

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hazeblaze3160d ago

The graphics don't seem to have been updated at all actually. Still, if they've refined the actual gameplay... I don't mind. I loved the concept of the 1st but thought the combat felt too 'clunky', especially when compared to the target render footage.

FamilyGuy3160d ago

Gr15, top notch gear all at +10, maxed out geo for what was possible and I'm not a trophy hunter.

I'm sad to say it but I'm finally moving on. Over 900 hours spent too, second best $60 I spent this gen, UC2 is first.

Redempteur3160d ago

waiting for a confirmation date for NA release ...

labwarrior3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

and looks every bit as generic and horrible as before

I would rather play with bull crap that thos monstrocity of a game

Level 5 is right there among the worst developers this generation, together with Square

The big JRPG companies have all become a joke this time, only Mistwalker surprise with the est quality JRPGs by miles

wissam3159d ago

With 4 dvds on x360. lmao. and wkc Have a very decent gfx btw.

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