IGN: Doom II Review

IGN writes: "Like the Xbox Live Arcade versions of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D before it, Doom II is a blast from the past that remains fun today. The entire package is terribly dated, but running around blasting demons into splatters of pixelated blood is quite satisfying. Unlike many retro offerings on XBLA, the visuals haven't been tampered with here".

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Kleptic3092d ago

honestly this still could be my favorite game of all time...still have the DOS CDrom, original box, and Ed Dille strategy guide that i got for Christmas in '94...I was 11...

at 27 years old now...there are few things from my child hood that I recall giving me as much excitement as the first couple minutes of that game...I to this day remember slinging a bfg glob from the platform in the first level (i was 11, of course I idkfa'd that shat as soon as it loaded)...with 3 zombies all getting puddled...the look on my face must have been dad to this day still asks me if any games make me react like that anymore...if any have, I didn't catch it on my own...

Biggunz3087d ago

Really?...while it may have been a super kickass game twenty years ago but c'mon!..IGN is a joke!