Top 5 Disturbing Personas Found on Xbox LIVE

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"For anyone who grew up in an era when 8-bit games rules the industry and the closest thing to multiplayer was the person sitting next to you on the couch in the living room – online gaming still has a few bumps in the road to overcome. Technically speaking, playing a game online has never been easier for the average gamer. Services like Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network make it so that just about any game can be played online at anytime with an exceptionally ridiculous level of convenience. But the fact that this ability is within the hands of the average person is where the most danger lies. Below is listed the top 5 disturbing personas found on Xbox LIVE, no matter which game you are playing or what time of the night it is; there is always at least one of each of these type players in every game."

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UltimaEnder3118d ago

Great list, it's so sad but true at the same time - wish I could block all those idiots!

UnwanteDreamz3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

I will not play with anyone under the age of 18 unless I absolutly have no other choice. Kids are the worst and I have seen these behaviors most in the little ones. They are rude they yell and scream and always leave matches cause mom called them and that is when they are on your team. I have over 80 PSN friends and only 2 are younger than 21.


yep they creep me out man I added a young guy once and he started beggin for PSN stuff. Like I was his parent or something. Had to give em the boot.

edgeofblade3118d ago

There's also the 10 year old gamer that clings to you and always wants to be on chat with you. God, that annoys me.

DuneBuggy3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Yeah the kids bug me too.I was playing L4D once and a 8 year old was playing with us! Which made me think of two things immediately:
1) What parent would buy their 8 year old a game where you blow the heads,limbs,etc off zombies?
2) What parent would let their 8 year old voice chat unsupervised with god knows who?

The "slightly" older kids who think they are cool because they learned a new swear word last week get old can curse and your testes havent even dropped yet..Good for you!

Bnet3433118d ago

You can. Don't complain about problems that could be solved since the beginning. You can mute, block, and extend those two features where you can just play with people you know, etc.

TrailerParkSupervisr3117d ago

that one guy on your team who immediately takes over trying to tell everyone where to go, what to do....and then if you start losing they start screaming that you are not "playing right".

If I wanted to be in a REAL war I would join the ARMY! Lighten up!

BkaY3117d ago

planetxbox..taking crap on psn... "i wonder why?...hmmmm"

long story short... dickheads are everywhere.. xbl and psn.. no one can deny tht..


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LaurenKB1233118d ago

Thanks for using my picture above number 1; good stuff...

Dellis3118d ago

The racist 10 year old>>>>

Etseix3118d ago

the only game ive ever used a headseth is warhawk, but DAM that games makes me crazy, haha, still, i always thx the other players for a good match, good people- good players- will always be welcome to any game ;]

PS: not trolling or anything but, ive seen more of those list on a Halo online match, than every other game. :S

Dorfdad3118d ago

This is the worst guy in the game after every match or game they ALWAYS have a reason for ending up on the bottom of the rankings.. Man I forgot the change my loadout.. Man I had Lag, Man I shot you with 1000 bullets but for some reason the game let you win..

Shut up lamer, you suck own it.. I sux a-LOT on these games man up and own your suckage I don't want you lame excuses why you suck.

UnwanteDreamz3118d ago

I also hate that guy. I hear them mostly blame the game for their failurz. I don't know how many times I have been squaded up and hear constant complaining about broken mechanics or spawn camping. I always ask them if the game is broke then why am I on top with thousands more points than you? You get a bad copy?

LtSkittles3117d ago

I can do good, to horribly bad bad in MW2, but one of the reasons I do bad is I am looking for boosters, and it;s funny for them to talk crap to anyone who kills them. They're getting kills off one guy, and yet they complain when they die.

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