South Park WoW Gets Emmy Nomination

The Make Love, Not Warcraft episode of South Park received an Emmy nomination today for outstanding animated program (less than one hour). And it better win it, the outstanding show is up against Avatar, Robot Chicken, SpongeBob and The Simpsons.

The winners will be announced during a live event broadcast on Fox on Sept. 16.

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PS360WII4524d ago

Heck yeah!!!! I have this episode on my 360 and will never delete it and if I know someone who hasn't seen it yet I bring them over and make em watch it. It's hillarous ^^

clownfacemcgee4524d ago

I have it on my PC and love it so much. I can probably stream it to my PS3 if I ever jump through the hoops required to do so.

BubblesDAVERAGE4524d ago

Very funny one of the best if you guy don't watch south park watch this one and

Taco_Waffle4524d ago

the greatest episode of South Park ever created.

Covenant4524d ago

Took me forever to lose that weight and clear my skin, and the sight of Cartman spewing crap into a bowl will forever haunt me. But we pwned that jerk.

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