Closer to paper thin portable gaming. Sony's new OLED screen rolls around a pencil.

ShogunGamer Writes: Sony just revealed an OLED screen that's so astonishingly flexible it can be rolled tightly around a tube the size of a pencil. All of your sci-fi-inspired bendy screen next-gen computer dreams just came true.

After seeing this it certainly makes the old fake PSP 2 prototypes seem a lot less ridiculous.

More details and specs after the jump.

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piroh3066d ago

another revolution from Sony

LordMarius3066d ago

true innovation right here

UnSelf3066d ago

now chicks can game on my tshirt

and i can watch porn in my books

HolyOrangeCows3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

That's pretty freaking sweet.
I wonder when we'll start seeing that technology used often.

ironfist923066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

if u tried to lay it out on flat surface, whats to stop it from rolling back like annoying paper?

Cool invention, just wondering though

valanceer3066d ago

there are products with this already in it... they have small tv's under 20 inches and some music devices like the zune hd... cant wait to get a 60inch tv like this for a reasonable price :)

badz1493066d ago

it would be cool if we can get something affordable with this tech within this year or the next though. would really love to see if they implement this for PSP2 but if the price will be like $299, that'll be counter-productive. well, I can just hope

Kakkoii3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


There aren't any products yet with this in it, or anything like it. Sure there are products with OLED type screens. The Zune HD uses an AMOLED screen, but it's nowhere near as thin as this. It's a stiff thick screen like an LED one, that cannot be bent or it will break. Same with the TV's your talking about.

What's being shown off here is a screen that is thinner than paper, and can be bent to extreme angles and still function. It's quite a good breakthrough.

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sikbeta3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

This is Something I was saying in other article, Sony R&D got the World First Crystal-TRANSPARENT Display last year, it was an Article here in N4G, it can be this one, the thing is Sony put the money and come up with great Stuff by their Own, it's an Awesome Company for searching new ways to evolve and thinking ahead...

Kakkoii3057d ago

Yeah. Especially their QRIO robot, it was freaking amazing. Light years ahead of ASIMO, even today. Sadly they had to cut it's funding back when they we're trying to fix the bleeding of money they we're going through many years ago. :(

qface643066d ago

yes it does but this wont be in the psp2 or any future product for that matter this doesn't really look cost effective looks expensive to produce

from my understanding this is just one of those R&D wonders they probably will put them into production but that wont be for a long while

GodsHand3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

LOL, seem redundant to have these other channels, where they are going to show us pretty much the same stuff.

To bad these channels did not intergrate with n4g accounts. Was going to post the bottom below on that channel.

But yeah it is pretty cool, reminds of the window blind from back to the feature, or was it total recall, that had tv displaying on it.

Faztkiller3066d ago

They are Integrated just sign in with your N4G account

GodsHand3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I tired it did not let me, but I'll try again later.

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