Remember When?: Games Came in Paper Packaging

François Chang of DualShockers writes, "I do these pieces to reminisce on my gaming experiences and hope that you all went through some of the same stuff I went through. When I was growing up, I had a Super Nintendo, Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. I’m not going to go into the systems after those generations, because you don’t want to hear about those. After those systems, paper packaging was pretty much extinct. So, I just want to share with you all the greatness that was paper packaging, and why it is so much more awesome than the boring cases we have today.."

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Hitman07693070d ago

A little piece of nostalgia, missing from the future of gaming :'(.

ThatArtGuy3069d ago

The great thing is that you can get Atari 7800 games cheap and still sealed. When you open them you can just smell the '80's coming out of it. It's an ultimate nostalgia trip.

Chadness3070d ago

I don't have any, but my sister still has every paper box all her SNES games came in. It awes me every time I see them.

3070d ago
taz80803069d ago

Now we won't even have game manuals anymore.

Mr.Mister3069d ago

next it will be :remember when? game use to have instruction manuals

ThatArtGuy3069d ago

Then it will be: Remember when we used to have games on physical media?

Hitman07693069d ago

Next they will just sell the trailers and you sit there and watch it. Remember when we used to have games?