PushSquare: Coconut Dodge on Playstation Minis Review

PushSquare: "Like its name, Coconut Dodge is simplistic as it gets: dodge the coconuts, collect the treasure. The key to its success, therefore, is its bold simplicity -- after all, this is what Minis were made for, right?"

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darkdoom30003093d ago

needs to come out for NZ.

FuturLab3093d ago


I believe it came out in New Zealand this Wednesday. Check PSN, and let us know if you can't see it!



Heartnet3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Does this game have like mini trophie thingys liek Echoes or Monsters stole my princess?

thats always a plus in my books.

PM me plz since i rarely check these things more than twice :)