Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over 10 Miles; Aperture Science Unimpressed

While the era of consumer-grade Portal devices are still a bit of a pipe dream, this just might make lag across online services a thing of the past. A new study, compiled by Nature, details the efforts of scientists to instantaneously beam information over great distances.

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mrv3213092d ago

The scientists behind this are saying it was a triumph, a huge success one even went on to say 'It's hard to overstate our satisfaction'

lsujester3091d ago

I think they also mentioned teleporting cake.

Rucury3091d ago

Funniest post today!

Keep it up!

mrv3213091d ago

Can we guys all make a deal? Everyone on this site... and this I mean this to the bottom of a my heart.

If you figure how to teleport entire objects, don't teleport yourself to some models changing room, teleport cake just for the portal effect THEN do what you like. My intention is to urinate angrily into Jack Thompson mouth.

GodsHand3092d ago

No lag in games would be nice, but what would something like this cost the average consumer. I use DSL for my internet not as fast as cable, but the price is right $30 vs $50. But since I got a job again, I might switch to cable just for the speed increase.

thehitman3091d ago

$30 for cable I guess some people have higher rates than others.



Avto3091d ago

Now that would be something.

yog-sothot3091d ago

Actually, the quantum teleportation doesn't allow instantaneous transfer of information (in the current state of physics theories). More precisely, to recover the information that's teleported towards point B, you still need to know what was applied on the original point A (you need to apply the same thing on B to "read" it). And this requires you to transport this "key" information on a more classical way (maximum at the speed of light).

But quantum teleportation could be very useful for security reasons as there is no way to intercept the message

sjaakiejj3091d ago

When you send data, it is sent searching for a specific MAC address. The MAC address, or a key similar to it which is unique to every computer in the world (these days the MAC address may not be the best one anymore due to firmware upgrades being able to change it) could be used for reading and writing the data.

BannedForNineYears3091d ago

It would be nice if this would be available everywhere.
Unlike fiber optics and stuff.
DSL in my area really sucks.
If I go to pingtest dawt net on my PS3, I get about 8% packet loss.....and 80 to 200 ms of latency.
And 200 jitter >_>

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