Xbox Live stat attack

At E3 last week CVG got to sit down and chat with enthusiastic Xbox Live boss JJ Richards, and he was more than eager to throw his massive Xbox Live stats in their direction...

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Evoluti0n4527d ago

That's pretty ridiculous and impressive.

TheBigL053R4527d ago

A million messages a day, thats mind boggling.

computer4527d ago

Xbox Live is definitely a service that doesn't dissappoint in terms of content and user compatability. This is quite impressive I have to say.
I don't doubt however that the PSN will eventually get there some day as well =]

Daxx4527d ago

I love XBL. It's place to be for any gamer. I've actually met some gaming "celebs", ST The King in a Gears of War match.

Dr Pepper4527d ago

Lots of billions and millions...

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