New Naughty Bear Video - BoatKill (Censored)

XXLGaming writes, "505 Games released a brand new Naughty Bear video today but unfortunately we can only show you the censored version in the article due to ESRB regulations. There is an uncensored version and we have that as well. Check out Boatkill now."

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Forbidden_Darkness3068d ago

I am not signing up for that site, no matter how much i want to see teddy bears killing eachother...

Forbidden_Darkness3068d ago

Yeah lol.

Hmmm... i got a disagree, i think a member of the site wants me to sign up, ohh darn...

rwallace3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Guys, honestly...You aren't missing much with the uncensored version. LOL! And I am sure the video will pop up on youtube, but the uncensored video has to be blocked from view due to age gate restrictions. Its not meant to drive member numbers up in anyway. My apologies if you thought so.

On a side note, looking forward to the game.

dizzleK3068d ago

the game is out in a month or why no gameplay vids yet? hiding something behind these cute trailers?

i smell a repeat of that fairy tale abortion that came out last fall.

rwallace3068d ago

Yeah, you have every right to feel that way. I tend to wonder as well when the actual gameplay trailers will hit. At least Fairytale Fights showed off some gameplay despite its issues..

washingmachine3068d ago

lol,gonna be funny see'n bears murder each other

rwallace3068d ago

Flffy Care Bear like bears at that! LOL! It could be a really funny game.

Xpandemic3068d ago

LOL did you guys see the Jaws part? Hilarious!

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