Could Virgin challenge Sony and Microsoft at E3?

Virgin Gaming is set to debut at E3, but Microsoft and Sony seem unphased. Could that change in the near future?

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ClownBelt3092d ago

What is this? Some kind of stab to all the nerdy gamers without girlfriends? Lmao

Cevapi883092d ago

virgin doesnt have the resources that sony and MS have at their disposal...the amount of money that goes into R&D is ridiculous...this is why at the beginning of a console's life cycle each company is losing vast amounts of money...the reason behind Sony's $600 price tag

BeaArthur3092d ago

Agreed, they just don't have the resources.

mythamp3092d ago

richard branson can only make space tourism possible, right?

Millah3092d ago

Wait, you honestly think Virgin doesn't have the resources?


madmonkey03092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Virgin is one of the wealthiest companies in teh world, it has fingers in all the pies, and soon to start thier domestic space travel service, (virgin atlantic)

they have resources, and richard branson is not affraid to take risks

in 2008, virgin was worth £5.1Billion which is $7.45billion in todays exchane rates. , and they have grown a lot since then. in 2008 thier turn over was about $20 billion, to suggest they dont have the funds is just silly.

compare that to nintendos turn over in 2009 of $6.1 billion then i think they fare rather nicely.

mugoldeneagle033092d ago

Having the "resources" has nothing to do with your name brand being able to connect w/ consumers. The past decade has been dominated by Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo. It would take more of a big name to get back into the console race (Apple, SEGA, etc). And even then the company would almost be forced to spend more money and resources on publicity alone than hardware and software.

I can really only see Apple try and get in on the action, while I dream about SEGA coming back :(

SuperM3091d ago

Kinda stupid how the article says Ubisoft will likely want their games published by virgin in europe because of virgins influence there. First of all Ubisoft is a publisher and will want to publish their own games. Second of all Ubisoft is a european publisher and will want to publish their games in their own damn territory

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sikbeta3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

What...Virgin? lol

Why they are to going to do in the Gaming Industry? Music related Singstar... Bwahahaha...

poopface13091d ago

Just like On-LIVe or whatever that thing was.

Brewski0073092d ago

Should be interesting. back in the day these guys worked wonders with some titles on the genesis so im looking forward to hearing what they have to offer.

I agree, im curious to see what happens.

sikbeta3092d ago

[Virgin] and [G]... double-meaning at its Finest...

playstation_clan3092d ago

the sexiest name in gaming, they lost that

NYC_Gamer3092d ago

they failed last time as publishers....

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