Exclusive Gaming Companies' Changing Allegiances

While fans believe breaking exclusivity is blasphemous, it happens. Heres a look at developers signing on with arch rival platforms in the past.

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Montrealien3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

the biggest one in my books was when square went to sony after sony sold them on cheaper mediums and more money. Square truly changed their Allegiance after making games, for years only on Nintendos previous 2 consoles. I do think nintendo is to blame though since the N64 should nto of been cartidge based, however it was also a sign that Square was about the money, something we saw repeat when they went multiplat with Final Fantasy.

Bungie went multiplat, Insomniac went multiplat and SK just went where the work was. No big deal in my books, but the when square went to sony, trust me, if the internet was what it is now, it would of melted.

N4GAddict3067d ago

Nicely said. Square Enix was definitely a game changer.

Godmars2903068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Square was never "exclusive." They were making exclusive titles for the PS1, PS2 and Gameboy, but its only just recently that they they're doing multiplatform titles.

With less than lack luster results...

And again, the Nintendo/Sony move is nothing Sony/MS. "Moving" to MS has brought no technical advantage to Square titles, and has only left the question that they've even had to lower their standards.

Montrealien3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

You are correct, square soft was never exclussive. however It just so happened that for 10 years, before FF7 came out, 85% of their games where on the Famicon/NES and Super Famicon/Snes. Save a few personal computer and MSX games.

All I am saying is that when Square ditched the N64 to go make FF7 on the PS1, it was a big deal. Much bigger then when they announced that FF was going multiplat. That is all I was saying. the Insomniac and bungie announcment`s as of late are nothing compared to when Square put Final Fantasy on the PS1.

N4GAddict3067d ago

Square shouldn't be on the list. They made games for all platforms in the past.

PirateThom3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Even before the internet on this scale, I remember the blow out from that via magazines and the "school yard".

This was, truly, a "megaton", a game going multiplatform is NOTHING. Back then, Squaresoft had, essentially, turned their back on the biggest game company at the time, the company who had REJECTED Sony's CD add on for the SNES that became the PlayStation and really were one of the main props Sony had for that generation while they really established themselves.

The impact was.... insane. Squaresoft was a coup on the scale of... well... nothing today.

N4GAddict3067d ago

At that time of purchase, Rare was huge. They have fallen since.