Will a $150 price be too much for Xbox 360's Project Natal?

A rumor broke yesterday from a reliable source to Edge Online that Project Natal for the Xbox 360 will be priced at $150. This wasn’t as high as previous rumors nor was it as low. However, while many consumers rightly question the rumored price for the motion-control camera, it may actually be cheaper than the Nintendo Wii or PS3’s Playstation Move when you compare prices past the initial console purchase.

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soxfan20053118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

If up to four people can play using just one Natal, then the price is offset by the lack of a need to purchase multiple units.

How much does (or will) it cost for 2-4 players to play a Wii or Move game?

MS has also yet to announce whether any games will be bundled with Natal.

Queasy3118d ago

Yeah, the article has been updated with a chart showing the price for 1-4 players for each of the motion control options.

Dance3118d ago

2 controllers and a eyetoy comes to about 150 but still 150 is still too much to be paying for any motion control device

niceguywii603118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Plus $60 to $70 for two sub controllers so $230.

I feel if the $150 price is true it's part of a super bundle and was purposely left out of not mention because of either Microsoft not telling too many people about details of the supposed source is trying to start beef.