Blizz New IP - Outside Scope Of Existing Franchises

Frank Pearce, VP of product development confirms a few details of their new unannounced IP.

With lots of rumours surrounding Blizzard's unannounced MMO (which may or may not be a sci-fi FPS MMO) and unannounced new IP, it's nice to finally get a conclusive confirmation that the new IP is not part of any previous game world they have created.

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theCHUNK3776d ago

They should work on the IP they have; SC2 is so laggy still.

Montrealien3776d ago

we have not been playing the same game. I have had next to zero lag.

BRG90003776d ago

No lag for me either. Though I play mostly late night.

Djorgo3776d ago

Could just be the time of day or something. I haven't had much lag either.

Leord3776d ago

They will continue to work with SC2 too. It's different teams, and each team can realistically only be so large without cooperation becoming convoluted.

Bandreus3776d ago

And yet they have PLENTY of people to work on any number of games they wish

Cogo3776d ago

Interesting development, are they increasing to 5 game dev teams then? :)

SuperStrokey11233776d ago

I have yet to experience any lag at all.

Spydiggity3776d ago

i have had no interest in playing cuz if it isn't constant lag, somebody is getting dropped, or a random crash. patch 13 (i think that's what it is) is a mess.

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Cogo3776d ago

Cool. I actually thought they were simply going new "franchise". There's no clear definition of the terms IP and franchise, so hard to know. Some people can start what they call multiple "IPs" in the same "franchise" and vice versa.

I think most people see "IP" as the "world" though, and "franchise" as a genre used within that world. Which makes sense.

Djorgo3776d ago

Gosh, what I wouldn't do to know what's going on in there!

Bandreus3776d ago

Me too. A new IP after so many years releasing games in the same traditional universes. Wonder what is going to be

Bandreus3776d ago

Thing is, given how long Blizzard's developing pipeline tends to be, maybe we can hope to know more about this new games in three or four years ^^

Montrealien3776d ago

I expect Blizz will announce their new game at blizzcon. Because besides the launch date of Diablo 3 and Cataclysm, which they could just announce on their front page at any day like they did with SC2, they got nothing else for blizzcon. The new game announcment at this years blizzcon is almost assured. And yes, maybe my grandkids will get a chance to play it.

Leord3776d ago

This is really exciting news. The MMO has already been confirmed to not be part of other worlds, and this IP to being independedn? Very good!

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