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Eurogamer writes "Since we reviewed it in March last year, Demon's Souls has gone from potential cult hit to wildly acclaimed classic, earning itself a US and, soon, European release, several Game of the Year accolades and thousands more enthusiastic disciples. It is one of the greatest unlikely success stories of modern gaming, and proof of the power of community in the internet age."

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NYC_Gamer3069d ago

hope many of the euro ps3 owners enjoy this game..

SaiyanFury3069d ago

Damn straight.

Demon's Souls is one of the most important games of this generation. A true bastion of hardcore gaming philosophy where the game doesn't hold your hand, you're left to figure out the game on your own. With the wonderful online system people can give you somewhat ambiguous tips and those smart enough will be able to figure them out. This is most likely my favourite game this gen so far, most likely because it found it's roots in From Software's brilliant King's Field series. PLEASE From, bring out a new King's Field! I need it and the world needs it!

ClownBelt3069d ago

"Demon's Souls is by no means a perfect game. We don't think there will ever be such a thing as a perfect game," says Miyazaki. But Demon's Souls never aimed for perfection - what it does is resurrect a videogaming philosophy that's been in dire danger of disappearing forever into the fringes in a modern context, stitching a patchwork of fascinating new ideas together with a back-to-basics attitude. It's one of the purest and most wholly fascinating games of the past decade, and that's as true now as it was in March last year.

Such a humble guy.

lightningsax3069d ago

Wait, are you picking on Miyazaki's opening quote in this paragraph, picking on the rest of the paragraph written by the Eurogamer writer as an opinion, mistaking the rest of the paragraph as Miyazaki saying this and then picking on Miyazaki for saying what he didn't say, or did you just bring way too much of the article in and aren't being sarcastic about Miyazaki?

Just a bit confused about that.

ClownBelt3069d ago

Oh my bad. I've mistaken the whole thing as Miyazaki's words.

What I said stands though if only based on the opening quote in the paragraph.

BRG90003069d ago

Acclaimed? Yep. Seems a little early to call it a classic though.

CadDad3069d ago

It's a classic for me, guaranteed. A game I'll treasure always and return to often. I've got more games than I know what to do with, but I'd be heartbroken if I somehow couldn't play this one ever again.


Akagi3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

10 years from now, you think the peoples' opinion will have changed?

BRG90003069d ago

Not necessarily, but I think what makes a game a "classic" is whether it is remembered. Which you just can't judge 8 months after release. :P

BeaArthur3069d ago

I still need to check this one out. Hopefully 2011 won't have as many great titles as 2010 so I will be able to catch up.

Pennywise3069d ago

Summer seems like a good time to try it out. I don't see much shaking in the next few months. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems pretty open until August.

Pennywise3069d ago

LOL... consider me laughing hysterically at your attempt.

BeaArthur3069d ago

Summers no good. I still have to finish RDR and FF13. I'm also still playing BFBC2 and Splinter Cell. And the summers not totally dry, I still have hopes for Transformers War for Cybertron and I was a fan of the first Crakdown so I will probably try that one out. From there Halo: Reach is right around the corner. Besides, Demon Souls isn't the only game on my back log, there are plenty of other games I am still waiting to play. 2010 probably won't work for me.

Anon73493069d ago

>2010 is too busy for me
>I'm too busy playing sub-par/crappy games so I can't play easily one of the best games this gen.

bangoskank3069d ago

Demon's Souls deserves all the acclaim it has garnered since its release. I think other developers should follow suit and produce challenging titles that force you to master the game in order to progress. The fact that the voice acting, music, and visuals were fantastic didn't hurt either. My only gripe is that your characters face doesn't animate and looks poorly textured. Aside from that this goes up there with ICO and Panzer Dragoon Saga as personal all time favorites.

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