Xenoblade Has Achievements and City Building

The official site for Xenoblade has been updated & some great new information has been revealed.

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Godmars2905172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

*Kicks Yoichi Wada in the balls...*

Yeah, I should be doing the same to all the FFXIII devs, especially for all their excuses, but they might make it up with vsXIII.

If not...

*Kicks Yoichi Wada in the balls...again...*

darthdevidem015172d ago

Lets see if it will beat my RPG of the gen so far (FFXIII & Oblivion)

tunaks15172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

it actually has cities??? with people you can talk to??

Mr.Mister5172d ago

i dont care about achievement its a first day purchase for me

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Friendlygamer6d ago

If you beat la mulana without guides you're either crazy or really smart

YoungKingDoran6d ago

Love this game (played on Vita) and i think i got pretty far, but never finished because i refused to look up a guide 😎

Friendlygamer6d ago

Same with me, played for like 50 hours, found a puzzle I just couldn't crack and decided to let it go. Great game

Venoxn4g6d ago

Madworld deserves a remaster .. such a great game!

gold_drake6d ago

that thumbnail tho ha

i hate snakes ha.