E3 2010 Predictions from an 8-Year E3 Veteran

Gaming Target looks into their crystal ball and sees Legend of Zelda Wii with MotionPlus, Devil May Cry 5, Move/Natal release dates, Medal of Honor, Bungie's future and more at this year's E3.

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Cevapi883067d ago

an E3 veteran and all he has is a tiny paragraph for Sony..we know that Natal and Move will be the main components in the beginning of each conference with the latter dealing with games...there isn't much new in this article

its the subtle jabs at Sony and MS that made this can tell that he is biased towards Nintendo...nothing against that...just try to be objective when E3 rolls around...i can keep dreaming cant i??

SwiderMan3067d ago

Why, because I picked a photo of Zelda as the main art? Or because I was saying Sony was going to bundle it, too, and didn't want to write more than one paragraph of repeat information? I could care less about MS/Sony/Nintendo. I'm in it for the good games and hardware advancements. In fact, I'm really looking forward to PS Move. Do you see that photo of SCEA's David Coombes demonstrating Move at the 3D Gaming Summit in LA? That's my photo. I took that picture. In short, I'm always objective. Thanks.

Cevapi883067d ago

good for you...pat yourself on the back now

NexGen3067d ago

Gaming journalism is truly going to hell. I mean, they're giving 8 year olds press passes now? At least that explains the Nintendo obsession. /s

On topic, possession of a photo doesn't grant automatic objectivity. Any biased half-wit understands that the competition must be studied so it can be blindly refuted.

Do I think the author is biased? I don't know, and also, don't care. I lost respect for this "8 year veteran" when my computer's processing power was wasted on this lack of substance, or information.

Thank you for the drivel.

P.S. : I used to go to E3 before it was called E3 at the CES in Chicago. I saw the powerglove first, and therefore am superior.

SuperStrokey11233067d ago

Not really what i would expect from an 8 year vet, i assumed more games would be talked about. I personally found the stuff in last section to be by far the most interesting. I dont see how Natal or Move would get more text time than the 3ds which going to out sell both combined.

Not questioning your objectivity at all, just your selection process but to each their own right?

As for the SOny thing releasing in Sepetember that wont happen, look what happened when Sega did that with the Saturn. It was a complete and utter bomb and bad decision. SOny wont do that as they took advantage of it before and wont fall for it themselves, well hopefully lol.

SwiderMan3067d ago

Thanks for the feedback. My plan was to cover more topics and write less. But, I had a lot of text to back up my first couple of predictions. There's a bunch to say about new hardware and that's going to get the most attention. You're right, there are a lot of exciting games out there, but we know about most of them, Gears 3's release date, the existence of Ghost of Sparta and LBP2, etc. But, maybe this deserves a video game-focused sequel?

I like you Sega Saturn comparison, but I think that PS Move won't fall into the same conundrum.

Serjikal_Strike3067d ago

and I could of made these predictions along with some better ones

crapgamer3067d ago

I've said mostly the same thing. We all know Microsoft saw Sony succeed with a slim version and a price drop. Now if MS were really smart they would Give us a slim 360 and Natal and bundle them together for less then an Elite right now. That would sell amazingly and really widen the gap a bit and refresh the 360 a bit.

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