Generation Kill: Bulletstorm

Edge: For now, though, he’s relishing the thought of a showdown with Bulletstorm’s potential adversaries, the score-based Bodycount and Brink, both of which should be out already come the game’s 2011 release. Is the comparison too crude?

“The human mind’s wired to see patterns,” Bleszinski says. “Hollywood always moves in patterns with shark movies, zombie movies or vampire films – don’t get me started on those. Everyone loves a challenge, they love competition. So, bring it. With Gears, they brought Resistance and Killzone, and I think Gears held its own. We’re going to make this game kick-ass, and the consumers win, man.”

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Kingdom Come3093d ago

Bulletstorm looks fantastic.
There is a 10 Minute gameplay reveal on Friday with an interview with Cliffy B on GTTV for those of you interested.