Infamous: New screens and the trailer

Playfrance (google translated):

" Infamous will have been very discrete during E3. Briefly announced during the conference, nobody will hear of it any more speak 3 during the days that the show lasts. So today nothing is new concerning the gameplay, we nevertheless propose images to you large size as well as the trailer card of the conference for those which would not have already seen it."

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timmyp534108d ago

second sight was a great game... this game reminded me of that

AllroundGamer4108d ago

yeah the style is similar to Second Sight, but i liked Psi-Ops better - that was the alternative psy powers game then

CrazzyMan4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )


p.s. anyone to help return my 4th bubble back? thnx. =)

Loudninja4108d ago

Taht is really what it is :D

hazeblaze4108d ago

I'd say GTA + Crackdown... I don't see any Assassin's Creed in the game. The idea of a Super Hero sandbox game is very intriguing though!

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