Preview :"Eye of Judgement harnesses the PlayStation 3's functionality in a revolutionary way"

While there is no doubt that harnesses the PlayStation 3's functionality in a revolutionary way, it also marks a curious convergence of cultures and technologies that will have to work hard to find a welcoming audience.

Using the PlayStation Eye, the sequel to the EyeToy and thus a product typically associated with party-gaming where non-gamers fool about in front of the USB camera, Eye of Judgement mixes the basic concept of Top Trumps with the complexity and subject matter of established trading card games like Magic: The Gathering.

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Dragonopolis4112d ago

What makes it cool is the sheer novelty of it. Totally unique but with has that been there before play which gives it some familiarity. Trading Card Games have always had trouble with rule books so that's nothing new. Maybe this will awaken my old love for Card Games.

However like to see some other games using this technology. Maybe even motivate the Sports Card companies to finally add a unique game experience to their collectables. Would like to see actually Popular Trading Card Games throwing their support at it as well Like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic Gathering, (to bad Pokemon probably won't make it).

Still, Even if this is the only Trading Card Game to Make it still gives it that uniqueness factor sort of like Steel Battalion with the funk controller.

These kind of games are always worth it even if don't catch on.

sevenout4112d ago

I think this game would have been more suited to the Wii; not because it's "Kiddie" but because of the overall cost of the game. You have to buy a PS3, EyeToy and the game and then (I assume) fork over money for more cards to play. It's a great idea, and looks like a lot of fun, and I will be buying it for my PS3, but the mass appeal is limited due to the high cost. Hopefully in the future all game systems will have motion control and a camera(s).

sumfood4u4112d ago

This game demo is impressive looking. Pricey yeah but i hope it offers you like 1,000 cards or something!