Crackdown 2 timing lost Halo Reach beta

CVG: 'We would've absolutely loved to have had it,' says Ruffian

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NYC_Gamer3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

yeah leech off the beta being packed in just like the first one did....

Montrealien3118d ago

take the test, instead of just trying to be the first to comment on hot stories, help out a little, approve them also.

Imperator3117d ago

Crackdown was far from a bad game. In fact, I'm happy that the Halo 3 beta helped it's sales. It helped expose a good game that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Now, thanks to that we have a sequel.

Moonboots3117d ago

Imperator I agree the game is great and the beta gave a new IP the exposure it needed. It is no different than the Uncharted 2 beta being packed in to Infamous.

I'll be buying it when it launches. I absolutely loved the first one and didn't even bother with the beta because I was too busy playing Crackdown. The sandbox game play and co-op is what had me interested.

FACTUAL evidence3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Wish we had halo beta to get potential herp der derrrrrr! All you need is 4 player co-op, over a 15 hour story, multi-player, good level design and you're good. Don't rely on the competition dummies...just because it's on the same platform doesn't mean partners...What ever happened to developers competing with other games, instead of trying to promote them? I know they wanted to use halo to get them sales...AGAIN, but the fact of the matter is, just make your game good. That's all.

Edit: Not saying Crackdown 1 was bad, just saying.

SOAD3117d ago

But you know that there are plenty of games out there that are very good and don't get their dues because other games get more marketing.

So it's okay for high profile developers to help out smaller studios the way Bungie did with Realtime Studios.

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Cajun Chicken3118d ago

Oh come on guys. Sell the game off of your own work. Not a beta, come on, you should be THANKFUL that your game sells without the Beta, this time you can really see people appreciating your work.

Dance3118d ago

did you people read the article or are you just trolling?

boysenberry3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Good luck with sales! ;)

LordMarius3118d ago

Lol it cant sell itself alone

SOAD3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Obviously Sony felt the same way about inFamous, so stop trolling.

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