Killzone 3 Runs At 720p Like Killzone 2

Killzone 3 will be available next year exclusively for the PS3 and according to many who’ve had hands-on time with the game, it’s nothing short of amazing.

Everything has been improved, from the way the game controls to the visuals, but according to Steven Ter Heide, the game’s senior producer, one thing remains the same.

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talltony3092d ago

The games gonna look crazy!

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deadreckoning6663092d ago (Edited 3092d ago ) TV's highest resolution is 720p. I'm so happy I didn't bother shelling out the extra cash for a 1080p set!

"Its impossible not to LOVE KZ3!! WarZowned till your heart's content!"

Guess I'm gunna have to inform half of my PS3 owning friends that they MUST love Killzone 3...a game they've never played and a franchise they know nothing of. Try and relax. We don't need those kind of fanboy comments here. Remember, CONTROL is key.

@Montrealien- I'm giving you bubbles...don't know why u have so many disagrees. LOL, as usual, the cowards A.K.A PS3 fanboys disagreeing and not providing a logical rebuttle.. just typical.

sikbeta3092d ago

I just Want the Game to be Better than KZ2, I'm sure they'll make a Great Job, so no problems here...

KZ3 = Day One...

cryymoar3092d ago

Shouldn't be too bad since from what I've been reading about this 3D tech Sony is using in their games,
they can take out plenty of (post) processing effects that the player naturally gets from 3D.
I'm assuming things like blur and focus.
Just the depth is an entire process thrown out the window.
Anybody remember the KZ2 Bullet demo / commercial?
Depth had its own debug mode.

KZ3 first day purchase!
now I need a new TV :/

Sevir043092d ago

For optimum 3d its 120fps but the 120fps is split between your eyes. So one eye each has to be rendered at 60 fps. That's where the 120fps comes from. The only game running on ps3 at 120fps right now is wipeout 3d, and super stardust 3d. Everything else is using a psuedo 3d rendering doing dual image rendering but at lower frames, kz3 is rendering at 30fps in each eye.

deafwing3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

ya I really hate those 3D glasses but ya I realize that you have to wear the tracking device :( .. bah you can't win it all I guess ... just wish you didn't have to wear anything at all :D

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Optical_Matrix3092d ago

Bu bu buttt teh SUB HD Resolutionnzzzzzz. Haters gonna hate. Once again, GG has shut them up. Can't wait for this game. Literally Killzone 2 is my only FPS. KZ3 will be my next. The only FPS I need :] Love it

Montrealien3092d ago

I enjoyed it, but it was certainly not the only FPS I needed. I am excited to continue the story in KZ2 though. I also hope the Multiplayer is more apealing to me, it had promise.

on topic.

Who care if it is only 720p, it has been proven time and time again in the last few years that 1080p is not that important, 720p is just fine. Not like it won;t be upscaled to 1080p, rght?

JustTheFactsMr3092d ago

It's now clear why they didn't build the engine in [email protected] in the beginning.

3D was always on the table. I wouldn't be surprised if GOW3 gets an upgrade down the road.

[email protected] per eye is about 10% less pixel pushing power than [email protected]

They could have done the 1080p thing but would have had to drop stereoscopic 3D and rely on anaglyph or the "upscaling" 2D to 3D some TV's will be able to apply. Not the same as having control over when/why how content takes advantage of 3D if it's baked into the actual game engine.

inveni03092d ago

GOW3 in 3D would be awesome!

arakouftaian3092d ago

And yes you can upscale Killzone 2 to 1080p
and the game looks even better
the devs confirm this long ago
it's like magic

BlackKnight3092d ago


You need to check your math...


1280x720=921,600 pixels

921,600x30(FPS)= 27,648,000 pixels per second.

27,648,000x2 (have to render twice, basically 3D is like doubling the frame rate but still only getting the original framerate)

=55,296,000 pixels per second

So now [email protected]

1920x1080= 2,073,600

2,073,600x60(fps)= 124,416,000 pixels per second.

124,416,000/55,296,000 = 2.25 (funny it calculated perfectly to 2.25)

Which means [email protected] requires 2.25 more fill-rate/work than [email protected] 3D. meaning that [email protected] is actually 125% more, not 10%

cryymoar3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I had a funny feeling that the Killzone 2 motion controlled loading screens and main menus was a sign of things to come.
Anyone ever notice how the menus would converge into red and blue (like traditional 3D) and the loading screen also had a 3D feel to it.
I really hope this game has Move support.

JustTheFactsMr3091d ago

Yeah sorry about that. I obviously meant [email protected]

I had been reading some other articles/threads that were about [email protected] and had a brain fart when I came back. Might have done it somewhere else as well. Thanks for catching it.

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BX813092d ago

KZ2 is your only FPS? That's very sad. What are you going to do if you don't like KZ3?

PLAYstar3092d ago

KZ3 is going to be BIGGER!BETTER! AND MORE BADASS! like? Its impossible not to LOVE KZ3!! WarZowned till your heart's content!

bnaked3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

"if you don't like KZ3?"

yes, impossible ;-)

Optical_Matrix3092d ago

How is it sad? I don't play FPS games but I loved KZ2. Hence why I bought it? If I don't like KZ3, then no big deal. I have plenty more other games to play. Sorry for not following the hordes of western gamers who have videogame collection comprised of 90% FPS.
Also not sure how I'm getting disagrees in my earlier comment.

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frankymv3092d ago

some parts will spike at 60fps

DeltaZ3R053092d ago

Or 130 fps ......... Walt ! what ? LOL

crapgamer3092d ago

So no 4-D graphics? WTF?

bnaked3092d ago

Super Mario Brothers = 2D

Doom = 3D

Killzone 3 3D = ?


arakouftaian3092d ago

Is the tech demo for Killzone 2.5
you can download it on the PSN
and enjoy it with comentary from
like 5 diferent devs

Kleptic3092d ago

no 4D is in several games...its just a subtle effect, yet Sony pushed it more than they should of...especially considering almost no one understands what it actually is...

4D refers to procedural texture rendering...a not necessarily new concept, but one that is still calc heavy for gaming applications...It allows pre-loaded textures (textures already mapped and displayed on screen) to be altered with respect to time...'normally' a renderer can't do that to a loaded texture...once the texture is pushed through processing and displayed on screen, it can't be changed unless its 'offed' which case its actually re-rendered entirely, and is affectively a 'new' texture...

procedural texturing doesn't do example would be Drake's pants, even in the first uncharted...his pants would dynamically become wet when he goes into watter...its not an on/off effect...they will become wet only up to the depth of water you make him enter...and leave the water; his pants will slowly dry in front of you...Killzone 2 had this effect put into blood...where you could stare at a dead helghasts pool of blood, and watch it slowly dry and turn yellow...the effect of blood drying on Kratos's body uses the same tech...these effects have been around for ever, but not in a situation where they would change right in front of would have to remove the texture, or write over it...making it something that had to occur in a single frame...blood splatter and particle effects effecting written in textures used to be referred to as 'pop effects'...because the change happened immediately, not dynamically in real time...

there are more applications of this, but its not used very often because it is difficult to program...and its something that a lot of gamers may not even notice...its a PR mistake on Sony's part too...because they didn't do a good job of explaining what it actually was...So basically the media now claims Sony never delivered it...when in reality sony did, its just its not a huge deal and they made it sound a lot more critical to gaming than it really was...

raztad3092d ago

4-D? stereoscopic 3D is not good enough for you?

Anyways, I have the feeling many "will cry out in anguish" when KZ3 hits the shelves and its visuals blow their minds.

yewles13092d ago

Do you even KNOW what 4D means? The term's been used since the mid 80's or earlier meaning the rendering of complex CG data in real time, not just simple meshes. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is considered 4D.

Kleptic3092d ago

that just it...most people have no idea what it means...'PS3 does 4D in games!!!' sounds a lot more impressive than it really is...and Sony used that hype early on with the PS3...when in reality its nothing that new, but the PS3 is arguably the first console that is actually good at it...

fanboys grabbed it and say Sony lied about it...which they didn't, several games have vary obvious uses of '4D effects'...but the effects to this point are extremely subtle...and Sony never did a great job of clarifying what 4D is in gaming...

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