Suit Up with these Red Dead Redemption Avatar Gears

Rockstar Games released new avatar gears on the Xbox Live Marketplace where you can dress up your personalized avatar.

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ShadyDevil3068d ago

ILooks good but i wouldnt buy them

BeaArthur3068d ago

Same here. I like avatar stuff but I like free avatar stuff. I'm not going to lie I bought a couple of things when they first came out but I haven't purchased anything since.

Double Toasted3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Its the system, the price point system, the way MS has it set up. You know how you'll buy something and have a little bit of points left, not enough to buy a game anyway. Those loose ms points is what this kind of stuff is for. Thats how how I got my COG armor. I had like 140 pts or something like that and they had a discount that day on the armor.

EDIT: I know it sounds like I'm making an excuse, but I had those points forever, lol.

HurstDarkStar3068d ago

playstation home should of had modnation avatars instead it would make peoples styles and personalities come out more. Home characters just doesnt cut it