New White Knight Chronicles 2 trailer hits the web

VG247 writes:
SCEJ’s put out a new trailer of White Knight Chronicles 2. Hit the break to see it.

The Level 5 RPG sequel hits ground in Japan this summer, six months after the release of the original here in the west.

As for when the sequel itself gets away from the east, chances are you’ll probably get an announcement at Tokyo Game Show in September.

For now, if you know Japanese, just import.

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Welcome3064d ago

Oh Ma Gawd.
JRPG's have lived out their life IMHO_o

kingdavid3064d ago

Goty 2051. Put it down in your diary.

VileAndVicious3064d ago

Looks way darker than the first...

Welcome3064d ago

Nothing the brightness on your TV can't fix...

Pennywise3064d ago

lmao... I don't think he was talking about that. I think he was talking about the mood.

Welcome3064d ago

I knows, I just made a funny...

thematrix12983064d ago

You mean a joke?

I think it looks better than the first one. Want to see more before I decide.

Chris3993064d ago

Think I'm going to park my character at GR12 and just wait for the sequel. I'm pretty sure that there will be new gear that will outclass whatever we import from the first one, so no sense in over-grinding.

And I'm not sure when gamers started being so jaded or self-entitled and b!tchy, but it's kind of sad that we can't go a single article without some troll (who probably never even touched the game - and it doesn't have to be WKC, but ANY game really, in EVERY thread) spouting off nonsense about something that they have no interest in.

Gonna go check and see if there is an HD version of this trailer on the Japanese PSN.


sikbeta3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

WKC got the Awesome old-school JRPG style/essence that never gets old, Hope this Time no-1 go against it, like with the First One...

WKC2... I'll be waiting for you...

Ravage273064d ago

I really enjoyed playing the first one and personally can't wait to get my hands on WKC2 (hopefully by Q1 2011?)

With a huge list of changes in combat skills and mechanics, WKC2 is looking very promising atm.

Crystallis3064d ago

Im hoping winter for us..

Chris3993064d ago

HD version of the trailer preceding this one (trailer #2, "story trailer") is up on the Japanese PSN. Just scroll down the "newest" column on the upper right of the main page.

Check it out fellow WKCers!

darthdevidem013064d ago

The first one was AWFUL. But this looks SO DAMN EPIC! Its like the have improved everything!

It feels like the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK kind of epicness game!

I hope its better than WKC1 {prays}

MexicanAppleThief3064d ago

Looks pretty epic, I'll keep an eye on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.