Activision: Black Ops can better MW2

MCV: The sequel to the biggest entertainment launch of all time will take Call of Duty to an entirely new level, says Activision.

Call of Duty: Black Ops hits shelves on November 9th – 12 months after Modern Warfare 2 smashed sales records.

And despite sky-high expectations from retail and consumers, developer Treyarch believes its newest FPS can exceed them.

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The Meerkat3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

A beta might help.

Or was MW2 the beta?

rockleex3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I would have more confidence that each passing sequel would actually get better than the one before.

Crazy Larry3068d ago

Rather than trying to get better than the one before, they need an overhaul. What it needs to do is get better than Bad Company 2, which is my preferred game over MW2 since squad based work is SOOO much more fun over a random "run and gun"

Hotel_Moscow3068d ago

its not that hard to be better than modern warfare 2

single player was good short but good still no re playability except to watch the opening mission cut scene

JokesOnYou3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Despite all the hate MW2 receives on n4g, I still play the hell out of MW2, and it has tons of other people online enjoying the game because its a much better game than it gets credit for on n4g. Sure it has its problems, but its funny how RDR is filled with tons of glitches and yet its not made out to be a terrible game for its faults. I haven't had any problems in MW2 lately besides of course every now and then the fcking boosters.

I have a wait and see attitude for Black Ops since I didn't care alot for Treyarch last COD game.


Hotel_Moscow3068d ago

cant use numbers in this case i play modern warfare 2 because its the only game i have with multiplayer

sikbeta3068d ago

" Black Ops can better MW2"

Yeah... cos it's really difficult to do that/s

Activision, for the sake of the people that support the COD Franchise, this time, try to make it Better... and don't Screw PC gamers like you did with that broken PC version...

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coolcut1353068d ago

hype talk all over again

madkrazygames3068d ago

So true bro and watch how much many people jump on the hype train.

Hellsvacancy3068d ago

Lol, there hardly going to say "Black Ops wont b as good as MW2 but itl b ok"

I hated MW2 but Black Ops does look (a little) appealin, ill probaly give it a rent would much rather buy Medal Of Honor

badz1493068d ago

but CoD hype? I'm already long bored of it! sucks for those who are still hyped for this after MW2!

ShOtCall3r333068d ago want crazy stupid hype.look at what killzone 3 is doing.a few screen shots of a game that probably wont come out till next year, and practically every ps3 crack head has a raging boner over it.i liked kz2 it was decent but god dam lol

raztad3068d ago

When you have a game pulling all the stops as KZ3 is, you get hyped. KZ3 is not the same recycled engine/gameplay/game cliches repeated all over again but in a different setting.

BTW, I enjoyed COD4 is a good game, and Black Ops looks interesting. It might be a late 2011 purchase.

coolcut1353066d ago

killzone 3 just released the images while activision is actively hyping a game. theres a difference when the community hypes the game and when activision hypes a game.

BYE3068d ago

I doubt it will be better than COD4 though.

BeaArthur3068d ago

Agreed, MW was an excellent game. I don't think it would hard to top MW2 in quality because that thing is a mess but they probably won't surpass it in sales.

hennessey863068d ago

i wish id never traded cod4 for mw2 still the best online shooter ever in my eyes

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