Worst Decisions in Gaming This Generation

Jesse Sanchez writes: "In the history of video games and the surrounding industry, there have been hundreds of thousands of mistakes made. We’ve covered the biggest mistakes of all time in the past, but what are the worst decisions and choices made by game companies during this generation of gaming hardware in particular. Fans of certain systems may choose to turn a blind eye to issues their console of choice may face, but there’s no denying that the decisions on this list have directly impacted sales and in some cases, the way we view a company in general."

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vgn243066d ago

Layoff Philly Phil. He's gone now. Well at Atari, so pretty much gone. Sony recovery in full effect!

TOO PAWNED3066d ago

He decided to leave Sony not the other way around. He did amazing things for Playstation. As president of WWS he was guy that made calls for supporting Uncharted, LBP, Motorstorm, Resistance,Heavenly Sword, Infamous, Heavy Rain etc and thats only for this gen. Also lets not forget he pushed 8 days and Getaway and new guy Yoshueida decided to put them on hold and who knows what else about which we dont know.
If rumors are true he was disappointed that SCEJ didnt push more online, because of that PS3 suffered in begining and still has reputation as inferior system when it comes to online. Even if he had no personality, i am said he left sony.
Having Japanese guy running WWS is making me nervous. Even if Phil left Sony some 2 years ago, we still play franchises to which he gave thumbs up to go in production and Japanese guy has been cutting on western core games since he came in power. Lets hope that it doesnt hurt Sony in long run.

rockleex3066d ago

Letting Ken Kuturagi resign from Sony.

I honestly fear for the hardware of the PS4. Sure, Sony will still be great at providing us with entertainment.

But after being spoiled by the PS3's hardware this generation... I don't think I can ever go back to mediocre technology.


zootang3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Set up a joint company called Cellius Sony holds 51% Namco bandai holds 49%

Ken that is

zootang3066d ago

@too pawned

Probably dead is not dead. Maybe they have been working on something for a couple of years which we might get to see at E3

RememberThe3573066d ago

Apparently he has started teaching at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

barom3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Getaway wasn't even in production. The Getaway though, was pretty far along but come on, if you've seen the leaked footage you'll agree that apart from the potentially best cover system out there, it did not carry much else. Also, let's not forget that the technology can still be used so we probably will see it in some shape or form.

Also for those not believing in Shuhei Yoshida, he has worked with Playstation and Sony probably just as long as Phil. While I agree Phil did a great job with the Buzz, Eyetoy, Motorstorm, LBP and etc, I feel this is the first time the Playstation department is finally playing cards together. They're finally sharing and co-operating on the technology and in general the department feels a lot more unified globally. Additionally, I believe Yoshida helped bring out the Team ICO games, so don't count his contributions out so easily.

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-GametimeUK-3066d ago

Rushing the 360 was a bad decision ethically. But from a business standpoint they took a lot of ground from Sony, so really it was a good decision for MS. The PS3 launch was a bad decision and costed Sony a lot. Good thing they have redeemed themselves.

garos823066d ago

i dont think it was a good idea business wise either.
i mean if they waited even just for 6 months to try and improve the hardware to avoid rrod then i really believe xbox could have "won" the hd race this gen with flying colours. its reliability issues have put off many people that i know to actually purchase it

commodore643066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

That's a good point, garos82.
It's entirely possible that the 360 could have stolen even more ps3 customers had it not been for the well known fear of rrod.
The question is, how do we quantify the lost sales due to the rrod?

In the end, releasing the 360 early, was a business gamble. That gamble cost $1bn in repairs and undoubtedly some lost sales.

Still, the decision has kept the ps3 in third place and the 360 is deemed a success by most reasonable people.
(ok, well not the trolls on n4g hehe)

Nathan Drake23066d ago

ps3 launch price-600$ worst decision for sony

mrv3213066d ago

Well that $600 PS3 played a huge part in the success of blu-ray and thus a big HD move, it sold Sony millions of TV's and imagine the royalties from the BLU-RAY players and sales.

vgn243066d ago

The PS3 is a game machine, not a tool to move blu ray and now apparently Bravia 3D TVs this summer. The price was high, but it's not now. However, I'm very annoyed by Sony's plan to move other technology using the PS3 instead of focusing on games.

Pennywise3066d ago


You cannot be serious about Sony not focusing on games. Really? I think they are focusing on games more than MS and Nintendo. They help make DVD mainstream and now bluray. I don't see anyone complaining about the PS2's role in getting DVD players into 150million house holds. The PS3 being a HD console has pushed HDTV's since release... I don't get your gripe.

sikbeta3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


That's What Sony do, They use Playstation to Push their own products, CD with Playstation, DVD with PS2 and Now BR-Discs with PS3, that's not bad, not bad at all when you Know Sony Push and Support PLaystation to Succeed in order to continue selling loads of more products, it's a WIN+WIN Situation...

rockleex3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Is that why Sony's purchasing more and more First Party studios while Microsoft is letting go of more and more developers?

Glasscocked3066d ago


Read the article, it seems like you are exactly the type of person the author was thinking about when he wrote about people who try to defend the launch price.

Homicide3066d ago Show
GamerSciz3066d ago

Erm if I recall correctly pushing Blu-ray is pushing games considering PS3 games are on blu-ray discs. However for MS to push HD DVD and confirming that no games will be made on them was kind of dumb and also cost them the format war. That's just my opinion of course.

Venatus-Deus3065d ago

Yeah, I really pissed that MF:J & Killzone 3 will be in 3D... /s

The ps3 IS more than just a games console. That’s a good thing btw

Anon19743065d ago

No dualshock at launch for the PS3 was a legal matter although Sony should have said as much. That wasn't a bad decision, that was unfortunate timing.

The Wii's lack of decent online hasn't hurt them one bit.

The PS3's launch price was fair considering what the console offered. Those that argue it was too much for a games console forget, it was never just another games console. And it's the 3rd fasted selling console in history. Again, see a calculated risk that paid off, not a mistake.

And Microsoft and Sony forgetting about casuals? Says who? The 360 and the PS3 had plenty of games that cater to casuals, but they didn't focus only on casuals. The PS3 was always meant to be a high end system while the PS2 was still available. No one complains that Sony should be marketing their high end TV's to the budget tv market. And the 360, how well do casual games sell on the 360? Not very. That, to me, looks like each company knew it's market and went for it, just like Nintendo did.

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Viper73066d ago

This is hard question to give a honest answer. The gaming could be a lot different if Sony would have launched a cheaper unit. However cheaper unit would have ment.
- lack of Blu-ray or cell
- later launch ( and use some extra time to improve production(cheaper manufacturing))

However its still hard to tell whether the choice was good as there's still plenty of time for Ps4. Not to mention Ps4 may take advantage on the things that sony used for Ps3 like Cell, Blu-ray and Playstation network.

But then again with cheaper competitive system Sony might have had crushed the competition with waves of Ps2 users wanting to upgrade their system.
However as for as gamers, I think the current situation is pretty close to best chase scenario. The competition is bigger than ever, which has really forced both Sony and Microsoft really fight for gamers.

Glasscocked3066d ago

Absolutely agree with Nathan Drake2, if the PS3 were $399 or lower at launch they would have mopped the floor with MS. Especially with the problems MS has had with reliability. They have been fighting the negativity the initial price point has had since the moment it was announced.

FiftyFourPointTwo3066d ago

Worst Decision in Gaming This Generation:

Not buying a PS3. :-)

The Wood3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

i clicked agree

and she took off her glasses and smiled at me

FiftyFourPointTwo3066d ago

LOL! Nice timing. I just changed my avatar haha.

JATOSIN3066d ago

THe worst decision in gaming is being a fanboy. Why can't we get along and understand each person has their own likes and dislikes. And just to let you know I own all three Consoles and enjoy each one for different reasons.

Leio3066d ago

Its no decision ..It just come naturally :)

IcarusOne3066d ago

I understand if you're a fanboy and don't know it. But to choose to be one makes you doubly ignorant.

Bubble Jatosin.

unrealgamer583066d ago

"The PS3 is a game machine, not a tool to move blu ray and now apparently Bravia 3D TVs this summer."

You have to realise that sony Is not just a game company, There a business.

Sony's strategy Is to add functionality to there hardware ( Remote play etc.) To compliment the different hardware and to push you Into buying It

BeaArthur3066d ago

What do you know, gofanboy can put together something of decent quality. Pretty solid list. I actually agree with everything on it.