Killzone 3 Eurogamer Interview

With Killzone 3 revealed (somewhat prematurely) this week, announcements, details and our old friends rumour and speculation have been flying around like nobody's business - but the gushings of journalists can only ever reveal so much.

So while we were at the announcement event in Amsterdam, we took the chance to have a chat to senior producer Steven Ter Heide for some cold, hard facts, an insight into the creative process, and to see if he's been listening to the fans.

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Cartesian3D3839d ago

I played more than 45 hours in Killzone2 single player (12 hours first playthrough) it was my first FPS on consoles(I was FPS pro on PC) ... and it was the most fun FPS single player Iv ever had..

the killing and the AI was awesome (death animation , bullet impact , cover system.. everything) it was FUN to KILL..

and NOW they said Killzone3 will have a LONGER single player.. YEAH!!!

madkrazygames3839d ago

I clocked in 15 hours on hard mode, how the hell did you clocked in 45 hours in single player?

Welcome3839d ago

Here's an idea...he played Single player for 45 Hours.

rockleex3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

If you read the part where they talk about Killzone 3's story, it sounds like they're going with a more Uncharted 2 approach to the story development and how dialogue is used to move the story as you play.

Character development seems to play a bigger role this time around too, seeing as how you didn't really get to connect with any of the characters in Killzone 2.

It seemed like you were just going from mission to mission without really noticing who you were and the importance of the people around you.

All that will be gone! >:D

Cartesian3D3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

you can play more than once in single player mode... I dont get it /jk

because it was fun ,(you can choose any mission after finishing that mission) i played many missions more than 10 times.. specially the last one was like a REAL WAR ..

just go to the information section it will tell you how many hours you spend in single player mode(exactly the first number) , I killed more than 2000 helghast I think .. last month was the last time i played Single player.

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nycredude3839d ago

More than likely he played it multiple times. I clocked in 15 hours also and I remember reviewers trying to say it was like 8 hours. LOL

madkrazygames3839d ago

Nowadays alot of reviewers can't be trusted. Gametrailers stated that Alan Wake is a 6 hour game, but I clocked in 16 hours.

mal_tez923839d ago

Longer single player, no loading screens, more solid framerate, levels TEN TIMES the size and better story. I will play this for ages.

I played the single player of KZ2 about 10 times, and spent endless hours in the multiplayer. I do agree it is the best FPS ever.

MNicholas3839d ago

How they did it without a noticeable drop in resolution would be interesting to find out.

OpenGL3839d ago

My guess is that when running in 3D, anti-aliasing is dropped to maintain 720p.

MNicholas3839d ago

Because jaggies are much more disturbing in 3D and those who played it didn't mention it as a problem.

A greater concern would simply be simply rendering two frames in the same amount of time as they used to render one.

The first and most obvious roadblock would be shader limitations. I'd be very surprised if they hadn't already maxed out the RSX in KZ2.

There must be something they're doing with the Cell to help the RSX output two frames without a noticeable loss in detail. In fact, they seem to have increased the level of detail.

This all doesn't make much sense.

Then again, God of War 3 doesn't make much sense either. Yet it's available on retail shelves.

MNicholas3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Gamespot did mention increased, or at least more noticeable, aliasing. However, this is not a limitation of processing power as much as it is of bandwidth/memory.

The rendering of twice as many frames per second as KZ2 without any noticeable loss of detail remains a miracle of coding that remains unexplained.

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unrealgamer583839d ago

lol you've never played a game over and over?

To this day I still play R:fom

inveni03839d ago

Agreed. I still play Uncharted 2...and Killzone 2...and inFamous...

claterz3839d ago

Played through UC2 4 times on crushing. yep, it's that good!

trounbyfire3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

naughty dog, sony santa monica and i hope they win. GG is one of the top developers and my fav developers period. people forget that they did cool thing with scale all so. PLAY wasteland bullet and look up, it a huge map scale wize. I love that they want to be number 1.
lets be honest KZ2 had way more going on in it then UC2, and UC2 skin was not as good as KZ2. animations go to UC2 but KZ2 are great to. VO i say UC2 but Visari and sev are beasts

fOrlOnhOpe573839d ago

and Im sure there is a monster of a game looming over the horizon. Keyword from Guerrilla seems to be IMMERSION.

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