Sony: No current plans to 'take Home out of Beta'

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has no current plans to end the PlayStation Home beta, the platform holder has told

Asked for a comment on reports suggesting Home would be taken out of its extended beta-testing phase, a spokesperson said: "The service is still evolving and as such we have no current plans to take Home out of Beta."

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Capt CHAOS3892d ago

And is it anything more than a gimmick yet?

Sorry but just wondering as I've been out of the loops for about a year..

Redempteur3892d ago

yeah you're out of the loop ..there is SODIUM ( more than a gimmick you asked ) and home is used for making tournaments for various games every week since some of them have full home support ( like street fighter 4 )
in addition the number of games and events is still high ..

Give it a try as they changed the MAIN client for a better experience ...

sikbeta3892d ago

It needs to be in Beta always, Sony needs to add more Stuff to it and that's the Whole Point, more Games/Mini-Games, More Places, More Things to Do....

Also Voice-Chat needs to come back again...

frankymv3892d ago

I love you Sony but....who cares about Home?

ThatArtGuy3892d ago

I've been lukewarm about Home, but I went in the other day to see what was new. Holy cow there's tons to do now! If you haven't been in for over a year, your mind will be blown on how much has been added.

Blaze9293892d ago

and it will forever remain in HOME as their excuse that it's still evolving and improving.

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Myst3892d ago

Makes sense, they are still tweaking with a lot of things and trying to put a few more things in. Going to be a long while before it comes out of beta.

brew3892d ago

Nobody really refers to Home as the Home beta. It's just Home. It's been that way for a long time. They add stuff all the time to it and they'll continue that. The one guy obviously mispoke and they had to send in another guy to clean up his mess.

unrealgamer583892d ago

LOL Back to trolling I see

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The story is too old to be commented.