Ape Escape PS3 in development since 2006

Ape Escape for PlayStation 3 has been in development since 2006, it’s been revealed.According to Siliconera, the title could be connected in some form to Piposaru 2001, a spin-off of the series only released in Japan for PlayStation 2, which saw main character Spike vacuuming pairs of dirty underpants from the loony monkeys to clean them.

rockleex4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Like what it did with the Dualshock on the PS1.

Anyways, I just hope Sony is willing to bundle Move, or at least the PS Eye, with EVERY PS3 bundle at some point in the future.

Sony got people to quickly adopt the Dualshock by bundling it with EVERY PS1.

The higher the percentage of people have Move, the higher the chance that developers/publishers are willing to spend resources on creating AAA games for it! >:D

colonel1794878d ago

Sony already said they will bundle move with the PS3. You will have the option to buy a PS3 with DualShock 3 or Move controller, not sure with both, and not sure either if this will include the PS Eye too.

sikbeta4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Ape Escape + Move in a PS3 Bundle = WINNER

This Franchise is Epic in so many ways, it never gets old...

Akagi4878d ago

I still have it for PS1. Good game, it's fun in MGS: Snake eater! OMG, hopefully Snake makes a cameo appearance.

badz1494878d ago

in development since 2006? how come there's no footage WTF??

blackbeld4878d ago


Well said couldn't say it better.

Move bundles will sell like hot pancakes.

raztad4878d ago

" ...saw main character Spike vacuuming pairs of dirty underpants from the loony monkeys to clean them" <--WTF? Those Japaneses always come up with crazy stuff.

I'll buy Move. No necesarily for APE PS3 but for Socom 4.

CellularDivision4878d ago

Do you honestly think Sony will bundle Move with a PS3? It didn't even bundle HDMI cables... Of course, I wouldn't know, I bought the 80gig backwards compatible version, so Im not sure if the Slim has HDMI cables included.

wxer4878d ago

i got almost all Ape Escape game, loved the last one and i cant wait for this one
no i know that this well move a lot of MOVE's and PS3'3 specially in Japan cus they love this game so much

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unrealgamer584878d ago

Sheer Nostalgia makes this a buy

Mr Logic4878d ago

This could be an awesome game.

Nathan Drake24878d ago

i want real ape escape and not some ape escape for move.

Kyosuke_Sanada4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

I was excited for Ape Escape when they first announced it yesterday but I didnt know that they've had it in development for so long.