Rumor: World of Warcraft Comic Coming?

BlizzPlanet reports that a World of Warcraft comic book may be announced at next week's Comic Con. The rumor apparently started when the site noticed that there was going to be a panel at the event featuring Jim Lee, Chris Metzen, and Mickey Nielson.

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Farfromreality4135427d ago

Man, blizzard is just out to milk all the addicts for all they have.

Story lines are good and all but jesus...

Anyone else wonder what would have happened if they released World of STARcraft. Korean invasion much?

computer5427d ago

Haha, you are absolutely right.. Companies these days seem to find every way to make money.

StarsCream5427d ago

Except when the product that they dish out is quality. So far, the boardgame is great, the CCG is AMAZING, and the toys have been top notch too. I am a WhoreCraft, I will admit, but if it was garbage they were saturating the market with, then I would totally agree.

Farfromreality4135427d ago

That's true. I'm not saying that it's not quality products. I was a WoW addict for 2 years and I am 4 months sober with only 1 relapse since, but I was kinda hoping for maybe a little point in a different direction ie. Starcraft/Diablo.

Not sure about what is on the next front for Blizz, but I hope that it's a little different...

StarsCream5427d ago

I went sober for about a year, but I fell off the wagon about 6 months ago. I have to say though, if I can keep the whole "moderation" thing going, I might actually have a chance at a life outside of WoW.

Farfromreality4135426d ago

It takes time but you have to take it slow. It took buying a 360 for me to stop playing.

Good luck

sumfood4u5427d ago

Had no Response to their Japanese player who where irresponsible to look after there daughter an play there Addictive game when she died!