Microsoft’s Natal: Nothing But A Steep Price Tag?

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"Personally, I have not seen anything from Natal that does not scream “Gimmick” to me. On the unconfirmed news that Microsoft’s new peripheral will cost a whopping $149.99 individually, or $300.00 when bundled with the Arcade SKU, I’m even more skeptical about this move into hands free motion control..."

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Al Bundy3118d ago

Like all Microsoft add ons.

Komega3118d ago

They do always seem to be a tad overpriced...

WhittO3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Especailly when all we have seen for NATAL is that red ball game?!?!

I mean, I know they are saving the other games for E3, but they really can't be that confident in it or the other games are a long way off of being playable if they are not letting the public try it like Sony are doing with Move.

The games Sony have for Move are still in development, but atleast they are playable and the public are able to try out the controller, meaning it wont be long before its ready for shipping.

MS must either has a low number of titles for NATAL or they just aren't playable and what we will see at E3 will be scripted (like the Gears2 demo last year?)

Qui-Gon Jim3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

I'm sure MS is going to have a very impressive show at E3 (maybe all "flash", though). They certainly will have new stuff to show. They're just really good at making sure the announcements are impactful by being surprises. You're spot-on with the differences in how the two are handling these products right now, though.

I thought of it this way one day: It's like we're walking down an alley and see two fences with signs that say "Beware of dog." One of the fences is a privacy fence, so we can't see anything, but we can hear a lot of barking. The other is a chain-link fence with a dangerous looking dog chained up, just looking at us. They both may or may not be dangerous, but we can SEE the one, the other is just a lot of noise.

Brewski0073118d ago

Way too expensive if you ask me. Should be interesting to see the sales in the first month. I can imagine they'll be well below expectations.

Marojado3118d ago

You can't deny Microsoft's marketing power though. If they market this correctly, the general population will probably overlook the price tag to a certain extent.

Brewski0073118d ago

Yeah your probably right. I mean any software/hardware with enough backing is going to sell. It depends on whether it still makes a profit.
Firstly, taking into consideration, the development cost of natal. That alone probably merits the steep pricetag.
Now also take into account the marketing cost behind it. They've been promoting this for the last 6 months almost and now with E3 coming up and further months after that to its launch , its going to cost even more.
People will buy this no doubt. But the core demographic of people its aimed at (families and casual gamers considering the lack of mainstream titles we've seen on it) will find it hard to purchase in these economic times.

Qui-Gon Jim3118d ago

$150 seems a bit steep, considering that the hardware itself isn't very advanced, though MS has invested a lot into the firmware to make this practical as in input device. I DO think that $300 is a very marketable price for a Natal equipped Arcade 360, though. Look at how many people bought a Wii for $250. Natal's main target market is people who don't already own a 360, and if people see Natal and 360 as an improvement over their Wii (or the Wii they were thinking of buying), they may bite.

Inside_out3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Well, the hate hype train is starting this morning I guess...what a dumb article...E3 is around the corner and the fan boys are feeling the heat...what does M$ have planed for there presentation???...I here they have an entire day put aside for it...Many MAIN media outlets will carry the presentation live...some on national TV...LOL...

Natal is gonna steamroll the competition in a couple of weeks...Best part about Natal is I don't have to buy a new TV to play it or batteries for that matter...

Poor Sony...KZ 3 is'll need a new TV and you get to pay $10 a month to play it...PLUS buy the a's only gonna cost you an arm an a leg....Can't wait to here how they convince the Wii families to pay for all that...Computer..load video...

JokesOnYou3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

All the sony extremists think Natal will fail. lol, who would've guessed? I mean they've been saying how much they loved it all year.

yes, cez of rage everybody knows sony's 3D experience will be so much cheaper. lmfao


Al Bundy3118d ago

Ah, so now it's cool to add up prices for extras. I seem to recall a certain console that was more expensive than the other but it came with Blu-Ray, browser, free online, and wi-fi built in but the other system would cost twice as much once you added all of the add ons but you had a different story then. I guess that's why you're down to 1 bubble.

DigitalRaptor3118d ago

you are such a desperate, desperate fanboy.

Keep reaching for them straws... ;)

JokesOnYou3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Yeah but Blu-ray, browser, wi-fi is still not needed to enjoy all that the 360 has to offer and micro has never advertised as such. Sony on the other hand is pushing 3D, sony loyalists like yourself praise it and btw I'm very much interested in 3D games if they're good, however I won't be buying a 3D hdtv anytime soon because I've only had my 50"plasma for 2yrs but the point we are making is to enjoy 3D games you will NEED a brand new very expensive TV and sony's leading the advertising campaign telling folks to buy a very expensive brand new 3D hdtv, so its fair to say that if you like what they're doing with this new 3D tech for games then why so down on the price of Natal.


Biggest3118d ago

So now we can compare the price of Natal to the price of a new TV? That doesn't seem retarded at all, guys. I like to compare the price of new video games to the price of a new Corvette engine. All the Wii families that can't wait to get their hands on Killzone 3 (wtf dude?) also can't wait to buy a new Corvette so they can purchase Killzone 3 in style!

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sikbeta3118d ago

Yep, MS add-ons are Expensive, but What I was thinking is that if MS is talking about it like a "new" console and such, well, the device was going to be Really affordable, I mean, if you want to compete, you compete with Nintendo and the best way to do it, is with lower prices, so even if the rumored arcade x360 + natal bundle is $300, Still being expensive compared to the wii, which is cheaper and is the more "known" when it comes to motion-controls

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Jamie Foxx3118d ago

machine they would go back to the moment they aquired the company behind this tech and pull out.

motion controls are for casuals at best but atleast with the wii and move you can play shooters and driving games, theres a big reason nintendo and sony didnt take this natal tech when they had the chance.

ms have hyped natal so much from pre rendered shows being exposed,burnout demos which cannot work with the new unit due to the chip being removed,ms and american biased media will hype natal to the hills but mark my words once public opinions spread about this device from those who purchase it this will flop.

i dont see move doing tremendously well either people who bought 360 an ps3s are gamers we like controllers in our hand and playing games with as little effort as possible

Komega3118d ago

I don't disagree on any one point. I do have a little more hope for "PS Move" though as we have seen a bit more, and the whole "hands free" control seems problematic at best.

Cerberus21253118d ago

Your point about gamers who buy a PS3 or 360 are spot on,but the one think I notice is that the reports coming in have the Move as more accurate than the DS3 when it comes to shooters,and thats something that could change a lot of peoples minds about the move.who does not want an advantage on a FPS?

Milamber3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

As for the pricing, yes, it's pricey, and difficult to justify at this point, but E3 could show us some killer apps and remember you don't need 4 Natals to play 4 player.

Komega3118d ago

I really hope they bring something to E3 that blows my mind and makes me say "I have to have that". It's about the only thing thing that could pull the Natal out of my "pass" column.

DRUDOG3118d ago

I don't know many people who have the space for four people standing around flailing their arms or kicking at imaginary balls in their living room.

That just reeks of gimmick when you put it that way.

Suppose I'm just of a different mind set, but I tried the Sony Eye games that came out early in the PS3 lifecycle and they were garbage. You had to move things with your hands and it just didn't work well.

Jazz41083118d ago

I still have not seen anything from micro that confirms this price and arguing with ps3 fanboyz or 360 fanboyz are not my thing so let's all just wait till we get official info before we make comments that are brainless like it will fail or you have to buy a new tv to play. Let's see the facts as articles like these are written by pathetic fanboyz and should never have made it on a legit gaming website and remember I said legit where they don't post rumors as facts and blogs and opinions as its the truth.

Letros3118d ago

It is a bit steep for something with no games demonstrated at the moment, I would love to say, "wow I need to have that" but I'm not holding my breath.


so 150 dollars to hit red ball? man only stupid people will buy this thing!!!!!!! every add-on the 360 comes out with is over price from wi-fi, hd-dvd to a hard drive. Man, think god i bought the ps3. the 360 is looking more like a bad joke everyday. NATAL WILL DIE FASTER THEN THE SEGA 32X, MARK MY WORDS. i would lovee to see crapbox360 pupppet fan =boys spin the price of natal.

Let see, MS sold people a system that break down more then a 30 year old used car.
over heat like hell.
scratch your dvds and games.
get ban on live for any reason.
add-on are way over price.
the hardware showing it's age and becoming dated. yes the 360 is a bad joke for these reason.

P.S yo, Ms do you still think Blue-ray is not needed? lol. man there are so much dummies at MS.

palaeomerus3118d ago

At $150 it probably will. Then again so will 3DTV, 3D Blu-ray, and 3D gaming.

Biggest3118d ago

If 3DTV and 3D BluRay needed a PS3 to work you'd probably be right. But it won't. So you're wrong. 3D gaming on the other hand. . . Who knows.

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