Ex-Microsoft Studio Boss: 'Natal Will Fail'

NowGamer: Scot Bayless, a former studio manager at Microsoft, thinks Project Natal will 'fail'. Bayless was a Senior Producer at Sega of America when the 32X peripheral launched for the Mega Drive/Genesis, and thinks a similar fate could befall Microsoft's upcoming add-on...

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coolcut1353068d ago

the ground is brown, green and blue

Cevapi883068d ago

question?? lets say MS finally allows the E3 audience to test out Natal with some new games what if people in the background walk through Natals sensors since there will be a lot of people? will the device be able to distinguish the player and their movement from those who are walking around in the background?? just curious...

nix3068d ago

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ok one thing we need to learn is that camera based game was already there even during PS2 days (or probably before that). i guess sony realised that there isn't much of a market when it comes to camera-based stuffs. that's why we don't see sony ranting about PS eye.

Blaze9293068d ago

"The really cleaver thing about this is it can block out any interference around you. People standing behind you talking or even if the dog runs across the screen the Natal is smart enough to ignore them. Someone can’t just walk into your game and start messing with it. "

Cevapi883068d ago

thanks on the info blaze....much appreciated

Kleptic3068d ago

Nix...the PS move uses the PS eye though right?...not sure what you are saying...

only thing for sure is that if this thing really turns out to be $ will go into a death roll almost immediately...that almost the cost of a Wii...and that doesn't even include the 360...

so a bundled 360/Natal would be at least $300 right?...for the skimped 360 sku, maybe $400 for the 'real' 360 with an HDD...too far in this generation to do that MS...

Only way this will work is if MS gets natal out cheap on its own...and INCLUDES it with every 360 sold now...for the current price...thats the ONLY way to defeat the problems the gaming public has with add-ons...companies never do this, which is why add-ons ALWAYS fail...that advice goes the same way for Sony and Move...but the PS Eye is already cheap...most rumors hint at a single move controller and the Eye bundled for well under $100...possibly $60 or so for the controller alone...and even that is a stretch to get people to buy it and a game these days...the cheaper it is, the less like an add-on it is, and the more like a simple peripheral...peripherals can do fine...add-ons can't...that is all...

BattleAxe3068d ago Show
GreenRingOfLife3068d ago

Hmm, seems like this may be true. Also this might mean Sony will fail because developers will be wary about the split market of people who own Move and people who don't

vhero3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I agree with the article (If you read it) have always said I cannot see it taking off the 360 is seen as too much of hardcore machine. Sure this is to get more casual players onto 360 but I think it will fail. People will never see 360 like that. Playstation however can pull it off with move its always had a mixture of hardcore/casual gamers that's why PS2 is the biggest selling console of all time. The wii is 95% casual 5% hardcore and that's why wii sold so much so far but can MS take some of those sales? I doubt it.. Especially not at those prices.. Nobody gonna pay more than a wii when they can get a wii.. Existing users are mostly too hardcore to bother with it. .

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3068d ago
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Doc Sony3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

An water is wet !

But in all seriousness, it may be technologically more advanced than the Eyetoy was back in the day, but in the end its still the same thing.

An add-on, a peripheral.

And like the Eyetoy, it will be fun at first but die out real quick.

sid4gamerfreak3068d ago

ooh, ooh my turn! Oranges

(*no reaction* )

OT: well said shovelface88...

I for one won't believe the positives or negatives of natal before E3. Once Microsoft actually shows some footage, then the judgements can be imposed.

corneliuscrust3068d ago

GT5 head tracking id be pissed that i still have my eyetoy. Where are all the awesome games you demoed back at launch sony? Eyepet isnt gonna cut it

Grown Folks Talk3068d ago

Eye Toy itself wasn't the issue. The issue was neither Sony or anyone else really supported it with software. Apparently this is not the case with Natal, but we shall see.

tplarkin73068d ago

The 360 HDD is the only add-on to succeed. But, it was a part of the 360 launch. Even so, the developers do not support it completely.

It is too late for any add-on to penetrate the market enough to be considered standard.

The only hope is to make a casual bundle with a new name. Treat it like a new console. Casuals won't know that it's an Xbox 360 with an add-on.

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mookins3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Roses are red.

Lol...but it is interesting hearing this from an ex-Microsoft guy.

ElementX3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

The Gulf of Mexico is oily

Inside_out3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Hmmm...lets see...EX employee...Senior producer of Sega...thinks Natal is bad a couple of wks BEFORE it launches....LMAO...Well, if there's a guy that knows about failure it's him....

Move is an add on...Wii has regular controllers...HELLO...definetl y a good thing this guy is an EX employee...I'm curious what he does anyone...

Natal is gonna be late to cry about it now Sega man...My mind fails did the whole Sega thing work's nice to know I don't have to buy a NEW TV to play it...Sony...KZ3 is great, you'll need a new TV & $10 a month to video...

Biggest3068d ago

I challenge any of the Natal supporters to explain why it will be huge. I want to know why a gamer, as you guys claim yourself to be, feel that Natal will be a great addition to your game experience. I don't care about sales. I don't care about marketing. Please enlighten me.

simplyRealistic183068d ago

lmao your such a f****ing idiot, you dont need a new tv to play killzone 3, you need if you want the 3d aspect

2. natal is not week from launching it launching around fall

3. you talk about failure, he actually work at a big corporation, what was your big achievement in life, oh that right playing the product of a company he worked @

Biggest3068d ago

Since no one wants to tell me why they feel Natal will be a great addition to their gaming experience I guess the "haters" are correct. They highlight the lag, the difficulty recognizing what it is to recognize, and the very exciting game that features one of the most important gaming icons of all time. Of course I mean that lovable character named "Big Red Ballface".

Adrela3068d ago

I was going to explain why Natal is great, then I realized there's no point since this is N4G; home of fanboys.

Moonboots3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Adrela is right.. It would be a waste of time explaining to you. Your comment history is full of hate for anything 360 and MS especially Natal. You are just here to cause flaming and trolling..

I will give it a shot.

How do I think it will add to my gaming? Well, for one I am not totally against motion based games if they are done right. What a great way to get some exercise while enjoying my favorite hobby.

From my hardcore/core experiences I could see it being used in games like Fable. Maybe I do a lot of stuff with the controller but when it comes to combat I use motion for my sword and use the facial and voice recognition for the conversation interaction.

Or playing a game like Gears and I can run up and do melee moves with Natal. Walk up and twist my hands and it snaps the neck of a Locust. Then grab for the controller to run to the next to mow it down with my Lancer.

Of course I'm no developer so who knows what type of interesting ideas they are going to come up with. One thing for sure is many seem excited about it.

Just a couple examples that has me excited for it. And I am excited for Move in the same way.

air13068d ago


how about I chalenge you to wait for E3 and wait for Microsoft to enlighten you cause quite frankly you ask the same question on every natal news and no matter what anyone says you will find some kinda consperocy about it

I'll try again though. I'm excited for natal cause of the interface I love the minority report control. The facial recognition voice recognition and the idea of playing games with a controler is sick, like lobbing a grenade or reaching out to open Door in the next RE just little things like that has me excited about natal .

If you just open your mind a little and pretend to be a gamer instead of a pstation you would see that natal has huge potential, so does move.

Moonboots3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

come to think of it.. the Eye can do a lot of that same stuff. So in essence if MS is successful with this it might get Sony into it more as well.. Could be great for everyone. And of course it will ALWAYS be optional in the core games so nobody will be forced to use any of it.

I wouldn't mind snapping some necks or doing some wicked melees in God of War 3(or 4?) with the Eye. Combine that with the Move controller for a sword! Sounds like something I just might enjoy playing.

@biggest: I just want to add that if you don't like it that is fine and I do respect your opinion. You just seem extra hard on it..

waltercross3067d ago

Getting exercise is all good for some of us, but I feel sorry for the person who can't walk. so I don't think motion controllers will be for everyone, expecially the handicapped and disabled.

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Syronicus3068d ago

It is sure to fail big. Too bad too since so many xbox fans had so much faith in Natal.

bjornbear3068d ago

most 360 hardcore fans WILL NOT buy natal , possibly due to ridiculous price

ingiomar3068d ago

As a 360 ''fanboy'' i agree it will fail to sell well if the price really is 150... but if they show of some really cool-games at e3 using natal i know i will buy it regardless of the price... but thats just me.

MNicholas3068d ago

but if Microsoft manages to sell even one of those glorified webcams for $149, that alone would be quite an achievement of product marketing.

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Feckles3068d ago

Has Microsoft not learned from the lessons of the 32X, 64DD, MegaCD... and its own HD DVD add-on? Natal is slightly different from those add-ons – admittedly – but at $150 it might as well be the next (failed) console add-on.

Lou-Cipher3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

The only way Natal will succeed, is if Microsoft adds a controller to the mix. They need to swallow their pride and just copy Sony's Move/Camera Combo. (it's not like they are afraid to copy others)

Natal wont appeal to people for very long. The reason Eye Toy failed is because playing games without a controller is not fun for most.

I dont care what kind of advantages Natal has over Eye Toy, as long as you still play games in the same manner, it will lose it's appeal just as fast as Eye Toy did.

Feckles3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I think Sony might have the right balance with Move – but it needs to be packed in with PS3s and with games like Killzone 3. And cost less than $60 standalone.

Rhythmattic3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )


I'm Thinking Sony has Patented the Camera/Controller Combo idea, Just as MS did with Crossgame chat and personal Music playback in-game.

corneliuscrust3068d ago

There are many ps3 games with custom sountrack options.

You will definitely be able to use a controller and Natal in tandem.

Rhythmattic3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Opps, Must make myself clearer.... Hey I still could be wrong, just speculating as many a linked blog on N4G.

I believe Cross game chat, and choice of music is system wide on the 360, Correct ?

As for sony , in game music is possible through the individual developers choice, Correct ?

I'm not saying MS cant use Natal in conjunction with their 360 Controller, All i'm saying is the Camera tracking a gaming peripheral (such as move) might be.

Just my 2 beers worth.....

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Nicholas Cage3068d ago

i agree. and i know when this gets in the publics hands its going to be unrealistic how microsoft intended them to use it. people want remotes, they love them, dont fix whats not broken.

tudors3068d ago

maybe your right but hopefully you loose your remote more than you loose your hands, and this guy Tom Hopkins seems to have a real high opinion of himself.

kratos1233068d ago

wow it gets worse and worse every time it gets some news

palaeomerus3068d ago

Nah, it's just the usual silly people freaking out over rumors trying to spin ANYTHING they hear as bad because they are childish and angry that other gaming companies exist and prosper.