PSPgo Promotion: The full list of free games

Future PSPgo buyers will be able to receive these 10 games for free:

* Gran Turismo
* LittleBigPlanet
* MotorStorm Arctic Edge
* ...

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qface643091d ago

although you were just trolling what your saying is true i personally do believe it is too late for the go
this promotion wont drive numbers up too much and neither will a price drop they can make the price 199 and it wont make much of a difference
especially with the rumored psp2 just around the corner

Games4M - Rob3091d ago

How can something that is rumoured be right around the corner ?

Also how is PSP2 even a rumour ? Where is the leaked images, patent applications, offical press release, unoffical press release, insider information ?

There is none. PSP 2 is not even a rumour, its a fantasy.

qface643091d ago

what are you on about?
if there were leaked anything,patent applications, press releases then it wouldn't be a rumor it would be a FACT
its a rumor because nothing can be proven about it HENCE the term RUMOR

even though its just a rumor a rumor like that can affect sales of an older model in this case the GO

just like so many people that say they don't want a wii because of rumors of the wii2 will be just around the corner so they wait
same thing can be said in this case

Games4M - Rob3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

A rumour tends to be based on some form of fact, most likely unconfirmed but it still has a source. An example would be prior to last years E3 where sony unveiled the PSP GO as "E3's worst kept secret". Up until the moment it is officially announced it was a rumour, NOT FACT, based on images, leaked docouments from manucfacturing sites etc - THIS IS A RUMOUR.

Fantasy is something that somebody makes up based on wishful thinking with no source or factual basis. "A PSP2 is right the corner, i just know it is !!!" - THIS IS FANTASY

Thats what im on about.

Nicaragua3091d ago

"just like so many people that say they don't want a wii because of rumors of the wii2 will be just around the corner"

Get real, nobody is saying that.

DaTruth3091d ago

"Get real, nobody is saying that."

LOL and bubbles

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vhero3091d ago

I said it was gonna fail at that price point and I was right and this is just showing Sony are trying desperately to not lose money on the Go. I honestly think once they make some profit they will probably can it. My next guess is if NATAL is $150 its going to fail BOOM! Can I go 2 for 2?

DaTruth3091d ago

360 fanboys will buy six each just so they can say it didn't fail.

timzone3092d ago

Not a bad selection. Pity those early adopters can't get the games.

NYC_Gamer3092d ago

its just too expensive they almost cost the same amount as the 120gb slim...

ABizzel13091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Not really if you do a little searching around you can find them for $210 on amazon and other sites, plus you're getting 10 full games for free (about $20 each), seems like a good deal to me. Plus you have to remember it has 16GB of flash memory that can be upgraded to 32GB.

Sony is really trying to push digital downloads and I think I'll be upgrading to a PSP Go.

If you're unsure wait until after E3 to see if a PSP 2/ PSPhone is coming out anytime soon, but even then I'll wait on a new PSP just because there won't be a ton of games at launch and a better model will be released later on in it's life cycle.

Close_Second3091d ago

...the price for goodness sake. The Go is a great portable gaming device but not at its current price point. Its not rocket science so stop treating it like it.

vhero3091d ago

Not gonna happen now I think they are gonna try make some profit out of it before they finally can it for ever and it hit the shelf of good ideas but never worked..

Squall50053091d ago

I'm pretty people are expecting a PSP2 to pop at E3 so why would they spend money on this?

You can buy a normal PSP and get all these games for free anyway if you use custom firmware.

Close_Second3091d ago

...why not steal the PSP as well and save yourself even more money.

I can't believe your promoting theft as a way of saving money.

Briefcase Joe3091d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks what he wrote is stupid.

Nicaragua3091d ago

Yeah man, and you can eat for free too if you go through the bins outside McDonalds !

Stay tuned for more great economic advice for scrubbers from Squall5005.

Squall50053091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Did I say I was a pirate? No!

I didn't say I steal games. I said it's an option and I'm sure it's what 1000's of people are doing. Getting games for free. PSP piracy is huge and I'm sure atleast one you that has diagreed with me is a hypocrite.

I'm not promoting anything. You'd have to be an idiot if you are blind to illegal downloading. I've seen people post news stories about systems being hacked loads of times on this site. Do you cry at them for promoting piracy? I didn't think so.

And because I probably earn twice as much as half of you prepubescent half-wits I have a huge game collection. I've never needed to pirate games but I don't even disrepect anyone that I know who does. We all have friend's that do, I'm sure. I bet you don't go calling them scrubbers. Games are expensive and if you don't have money I'm not gonna criticise you. I don't blame people for just wanting to play games that they love.
Just because you're hiding behind your computer screen in your Mum's basement doesn't mean you can act all tough like your some anti-pirate.
You've all downloaded music illegally.

I have almost 60 PS3 titles alone, including the God of War Pandora's box and the super rare US version of Demon's Souls Deluxe with guide, cd and artbook.

I never said I was a pirate, nor do I promote it. Get off your high horses and stop pretending you're all squeeky clean do-gooders when half of you probably are pirates. Below is a pic to prove it.


Just because you hang around McDonald's waiting for people to throw away leftovers, doesn't mean everyone else does.

I wouldn't eat that horrible cheap shit if you paid me. I would rather eat out of the bins.

Heartnet3091d ago

Dude u were promoting it

"You can buy a normal PSP and get all these games for free anyway if you use custom firmware. "

So promoting it.. Like me saying Why go to burger king when you can go to mcdonalds and get it cheaper there.. ur promoting it douche bag

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