Gamers get their very own Disney Land

Gamersmint : Ever wanted to traverse through Rapture in reality, or go dungeon crawling in the rich universe of the forgotten realms? Well your wishes just might have been answered. No this is not about 3D gaming (although in a technical way it is). GameNation, the first Video Game Theme Park and Resort has been officially announced and has made a quite a buzz in the industry.

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rockleex3119d ago

I don't get it.

Is this a virtual theme park? Or is it an actual theme park that people can go visit in real life?

cyborg3119d ago


This will be an actual theme park which will have Videogame oriented rides and other amusement equipments. They will be using virtual tech to make it feel real though, if that makes any sense i.e!

gryfindor13119d ago

well isnt there any info on WHERE exactly this park is gonna be located?

Raypture3119d ago

a augmented reality-game where I can pilot a gundam or other kind of giant robot

I've always thought piloting a giant robot would be awesome, make my dreams come true.