No Intercontinental StarCraft II Friendships

Blizzard's VP of product development, Frank Pearce, has confirmed to IncGamers that there are no current plans to let EU players play against NA players unless they buy the game in that region as well.

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Dorjan3070d ago

so American WoW players can't talk to euro WoW players either?


Djorgo3070d ago

Well, I suppose you mean using, then no.

Recka3070d ago

Ouch... was looking foward to losing to leord :P

Leord3070d ago

Lol, I will likely have to buy an American box as well anyway.

EU CE and US normal.

Awookie3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Anyone else completely disappointed in Battlenet 2.0?

Starcraft 2 is great but the clunky "streamlined" interface sucks. Not to mention the lame custom games setup (not sure if you will be able to save/regroup in impossible scenarios etc), the weird ladder ranking, the friends list (i have to know his email or played a game with him? lame), No lobbys?.

Just to name a few they better overhaul this before the game launches cause as it is Battlenet 1.0 is far better

Also no Lan i don't like where Blizz is headed since WoW

Daver3069d ago

Blizzard suck lately, even starcraft 2 does in my opinion its way too much like the 1st one not saying the 1st one suck tho it was one of the best game on PC and still is but with this sequel i hoped for a new experience not the same with new graphics.
I just hope they dont mess up diablo 3

SCFreelancer3070d ago

This is one of the aspects in which their games have actually degraded in quality since this used to be possible "back in the days".

My overall opinion of their games it that while they are good, they also have a bit of a flat experience because they try to maintain a level of control over the gameplay that is to high.

King Klear3070d ago

WTF? Is it possible they do it just to sell more? I can¨t imagine any other reason.

Leord3070d ago

I'd imagine there's primarily technical reasons. They are piggy-backing on the WoW infrastructure (except for Australians), and it's just easier to handle in regions.

Sucks though...

grailly3069d ago

I'm guessing they'll make you pay for intercontinental play...

UIOP3070d ago

This is indeed bad new for those of that have friends in different regions.

It is also really bad for SC2 websites that want to hold competitions for their members :/

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The story is too old to be commented.