This is what ICO HD could look like

Imagine, kids. If the Team ICO Collection comes to fruition – which it will, according to what we’ve been told – this is what one half of that deal could look like.Someone from GAF’s posted up some HD shots of ICO, running from a PC emulator.

dizzleK4878d ago

...... in my pants. we can only hope that it's actually going to happen and it's not just a cruel rumor.

ZombieAutopsy4878d ago

Yea if they dont release it we are all going to have to get beast PC's and run emulators.

kratos1234878d ago

thats a great idea damn hopefully sony does please somebody leak this news already i missed out on these gems i wont make that mistake twice damnit
also how would the boxart look fore the collection

TOO PAWNED4878d ago

"Imagine, kids" - i am 25. Journalist that say this a re..rds! most of people that play these type of games are adults

rockleex4878d ago

Get to it before we all pirate ICO and SOTC to play them in HD on our PS2 emulators!

Please take our money! I beg of you!!! >_<

SilverSlug4878d ago

the collection comes with some cool Last Guardian bonus stuff.

Silber4878d ago

It´s only the Resolution wich is HD. Textures etc. arent much better. But a higher Resolution will give you a crispier picture.

squallsoft4878d ago

wow, that would be awesome. especially SotC...

Run_bare4878d ago

I play ICO for the first time 2 years ago on my OLD PS2 (My PS3 is not backward compatible model), got a copy of it after 6 months search :), and love every minute of it. I want it badly with Shadow of Colosus which is a beautiful game that make me shed some tears at the end.

I will buy this and replay it again and keep it forever until i have kids so they can enjoy as well :)

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Christopher91d ago

A good number of these games are pretty well-known in the gaming community. I don't know who this 'no one' is, but they might not have been a gamer during the time of the PS2. ICO? The Warriors? BULLY?!? C'mon now.

FullmetalRoyale89d ago

Certainly not as interesting as a spoon controversy, right?

89d ago
Terry_B91d ago

Not one of these is pretty "forgotten". But what you can forget are bad lists that need 15 clicks.

Terry_B90d ago

edit..why the fuck was this shit approved by 2 guys after all?

luckytrouble89d ago

Because the approval system is fundamentally flawed. The amount shouldn't decrease for approval over time, nobody should be able to have more than one vote, and pending content should be more visible so those measures don't feel necessary to push through less immediately popular pieces.

The number of ways this system can be intentionally or accidentally abused so crap like this can get through has been ridiculous for ages now.

Petebloodyonion91d ago

The title is misleading, it should be 15 best ps2 that you always ignored (hence the title of the video).
These games are not unknow but often left out when talking PS2 great game.
The warrior is a great game but let's be frank just mention it in a discussion amongs friends and half the crowd will go " OMG I forgot about that! "