Heavenly Sword a 3 game franchise, second story already complete

AMN had the opportunity to speak with Tam Antoniades, co-founder and chief design ninja of Ninja Theory, about their much-anticipated PS3 title Heaven

AMN was able to talk with co-founder and chief design ninja Tam Antoniades of Ninja Theory regarding Heavenly Sword, one of the most anticipated PS3 titles coming later this year.

Antoniades discusses the origin of Heavenly Sword, design innovations, and comparisons to some of today's slightly similar action-adventure titles...

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Kratosnake5423d ago

nice, but we'll have to see how the game turns out IMO. I'm optimistic tho.

okcomputer5423d ago

lol I was thinking the exact same thing. How about these companies focus on making ONE good game before they start planning the trilogies.

Farfromreality4135423d ago

Supposedly, its gonna be really good and only improve as they go. Just gotta make sure that they keep the same devs, and don't start mailing it in.

That's what does a lot of great games in.

THE_JUDGE5423d ago

and I hope the story and the gameplay match it. This a must buy launch day for me for sure.

excuse me sir, can you spare a bubble???

The Swordsman5423d ago

Oh, that was unexpected..... anyway, the first game will probably be good, if not great.

mrk015423d ago

Are the next stories, squeals?
If so, is it more flashbacks, because she ultimatley dies at the end of Heavenly Sword.

LSDARBY5423d ago

We wont necessarily be playing as her in the next game. We dont know the story so new characters could be introduced towards the end, opening up a sequal.

Frulond5423d ago

a turnout there, like the one in God of War (first part)

I expecting Heavenly Sword to be great, and the story seems to be good.

mrk015423d ago

-Heavenly nunchucks
-Heavenly AK47
-Heavenly Swords: Die Another Day to Have Even More Flashbacks

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The story is too old to be commented.