PSP to get three exclusive services in Europe

Whoever's handling the European PSP is doing a fantastic job. The territory has always offered more colors than in the US, and has offered a greater variety of services, such as VoIP. Now, it appears that Europe is going to get three more exclusive services, to be unveiled at the Leipzig Games Convention next month...

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computer4135d ago

Europe is finally getting something exclusive! I feel bad for the guys there since it seems like they're always left out..

THE_JUDGE4135d ago

I don't remember the PSP having a microphone?

Merovee4135d ago

Like the GPS and GO! Cam

Greysturm4135d ago

Its part of the psp headset developed for games such as socom and killzone liberation online games.

zoibie4135d ago

there was also one included with the talkman translator tool.

Wow, the PSP really does have a lot of features.

Maddens Raiders4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

at segments of their division (3rd party tangent or not) even if the competition is heady. That's ballz and a good signal to owners that the product enjoys continued support. I really enjoy playing my PSP when I'm on the road, and these features will only make it better.