Gym incorporates Wii Sports into circuit training

Studeo 55 in Vancouver is thought to be the first gym in the country, and possibly in North America, to incorporate the popular video-game console into circuit training. According to the club's owner, one session of Wii boxing, tennis or bowling provides the athletic equivalent of going for a brisk walk - burning anywhere from 75 to 125 calories, depending on the person's size and activity level.

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Farfromreality4135426d ago

I would have to see exactly how long that "brisk walk" actually was. I won't lie that you can get a workout while playing Wii boxing.

Need to see more evidence.

texism5426d ago

I use the Wii to workout every morning. In addition to doing weights, curls, push-ups etc, I also play some Wii Sports. I'm really looking forward to WiiFit