Lair - New screens; Pushed Back to October

Three new Lair screens were released at the Playstation event in Tokyo yesterday. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe also announced that Lair, which had an initial release date of September 26 of this year has been pushed back.

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Delay has been confirmed for Europe as of Now. NA and JAP are still scheduled for their respective due dates

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EDF 20175427d ago

Man how long does it take devs without boat loads of cash to make a decent PS3 game? 10 years? Killzone for example has a budget of over 20 million and it isn't even done yet. Gears of War only cost 10 million, I guess that is why third parties like the 360.

gamehead5427d ago

Hahaha waitstation 3 havnt heard that before. As far as i am concerned Lair comes out on august 14th. If you are in the UK and you want it earlier you can always ship it in. I remember mass effect having a release date of like august or something like that guess what its now in november. games inevitably miss release dates. It happens all the time all this +ve sony news is really getting to you xbox fanboys

Merovee5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

.... but hey thanks for popping in to bring up unrelated stuff.

BTW the mock name is DelayStation, now go back to your bridge troll.

ALI G5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

MASS EFFECT been pushed back to november becuse 360 has already 2 exclusives coming in augest Blue Dragon + BIOSHOCK
@3: I honestly hope and wish that you get warhawk and heavenly sword in time.


InMyOpinion5427d ago

The best mock name is easily Displaystation.

dantesparda5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

You do understand that a "budget" of $20 million, means that they can spend up to $20 mil, not that it has already cost them $20 mil. Now they can go over the budget, but only if the budget financier is willing to give them more money, otherwise, its not happening

"but hey thanks for popping in to bring up unrelated stuff.

BTW the mock name is DelayStation, now go back to your bridge troll. "

Exactly! Amen to that brother, amen!,

okcomputer5427d ago

Funny guy.. so how long did it take the 360 to get just ONE exclusive title that ranked above a 9 after the 360 launched in Nov. 05??

Oh thats right, the 360 didn't have a decent exclusive until A FULL FREAKING YEAR after launch when Gears came out in Nov. 06. By the time the ps3 reaches a year it'll have lair, warhawk, uncharted, folklore, ratchet, and unreal and haze on timed exclusive. Slow start, but not a bad first year at all, especially compared to 360's first year. Funny how waiting wasn't a big deal for the 360 but its all you talk about with the ps3.

harpua5427d ago

how about "At Least It Turns On and Works-Station"

fenderputty5427d ago

Quit actin' like we're the only ones with delayed games.

Marceles5427d ago

hehe so clever in an unclever way...but glad I'm in NA. Sorry EU..i'll tell you how good it is when I'm done

GoLeafsGo5427d ago

You've been bubbled =)

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nice_cuppa5427d ago


oh yeah this is fun !

Azures5427d ago

im sure warhawk and heavenly sword will keep me occupied ;-)

boi5427d ago

lol not surprised about this... mot game...well about 70% of games happens to do that...dont know the reason why lol but its all good aslong as you get the games

jaaz5427d ago

At least now we know why Sony wasn't showing off or advertising Lair more during E3...