Epic: PC-PS3 play on UT3 could happen

Let the Cross-Platfrom will begin.

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DeadIIIRed5427d ago

I thought they said in some interview that they didn't want PC to platform gaming because it would be to unbalanced.

clownfacemcgee5427d ago

It would be unbalanced for people with controllers and also, I'm not sure if they would have inter-console chat. But I do want to be able to make mods to share with my friends on PSN, so I might get it for PC just for that. Although if they had inter-console chat, or if there was a firmware update out by then, for in game xmb access, then I would only have to get it for PC. With in game XMB access, I could chat with my friends in a chat room, while fragging them in game. Of course, just a possibility. But yea, not sure if it would be totally fair.

jaaz5427d ago

It seems we have to let EPIC know we want it. So get to it!

If the PS3 version does end up supporting mouse&keyboard, as has already been mentioned by EPIC, and EPIC makes sure all cross-platform multiplayer games run at the same speed, why not?

PS3 vs. PC. Epic battle!

macalatus5427d ago

The idea of mouse and keyboard support sounds more like a given than a possibility, as the PS3 has built-in USB ports for USB compatible keyboard and mouse.

Farfromreality4135427d ago

The PS3 may be outrunning some of the PC's in the beginning because it takes a beast of a machine to run it.

I think after awhile most people who played enough would end up being good enough to take on a PC player. You would have to wait and see though.

Mr VideoGames5427d ago

it's not going to boost there Sales in anyway Sony is just a Bunch of Idiots

360Sheep5427d ago

its the the 360 would blow up trying to play the game. Waiting for the new chips to maybe make it able to run the game

Kleptic5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )


Daxx5427d ago

Halo 3 would kill UT3's sales on the 360. That's why epic has it as a timed exclusive on the PS3.

Odion5427d ago

ya how are you going to slow down someones PC?

CrazzyMan5427d ago

just like in C&C game fps limited to 30.
or just servers with ps3 vs pc will have that limit. :)

p.s. about news story, great to hear. That will be very fun to play. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.