PS3 Double-digit Sales Gains Larger Than 360 & Wii on Ebay

Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 held double-digit sales gains this week in the latest auction data from Ebay.
Sales for the PS3 were up 18 percent in the past two weeks, the largest gain among all new consoles, including Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

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Kratosnake4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

the system is finally getting the attention it deserves. I guess people took too long cause they were saving up, not to mention the awesome E3 keynote.

EDIT: I can't believe someone dropped a bubble out of me for this comment.. what did i say that was offensive?

kevoncox4136d ago

These are EBAY sales...
1) They don't count or have already been counted

2) The primary reason people sell their systems online right before/ after price drops. They could still sell their consoles for full price( i.e 599) and make a quick hundred( buy back ther new lower 60 gig).
Food for thought.

Dukester1014136d ago

this is hardly newsworthy... good for the PS3, i'm glad it's doing well and getting the "attention it deserves," but reporting on every little good or decent thing that happens about it is getting a bit much!

Kratosnake4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

its a news site... alot of it is bothering you? dont check it all. It's the same for all systems.

And its especially hot right now since sales are spiking after E3.

Is it great news? no, is it excessive? no.
It's just news, and not all news are worthy.

Blackmoses4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

True Dukester101....but you must realize that posting every news article showing how the PS3 sale were not up to par with it's competitors was ridiculous. This happened at least 5-6 times a week on this site alone. So a news article here and there showing the improvement in sales should just about justify all the bad press that has been posted regarding their lack of sales! Don't you think?

Articles with headline reading...."Wii outsells PS3 4 to 1" or "Xbox360 outsells PS3 by a 2 to 1 margin". C' mean it's alright to post a multitude of articles such as this but a few saying how the price cut has improved the PS3 sales are a bit over kill?
The PS3 has been getting steamrolled as far as sales for months, so now they are doing well and now all of the sudden it's crazy, now it's "oh this is news, I didn't know we could post stories like this....."

C'mon....get off it!!!!

popup4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Yep Blackmoses,

I find it a shame that it gets slammed for coming in last every week with countless 'show off' comments relating to this, then it has a good run........ and the same people jump on it all over again.

How selfish, undiplomatic and lame for everyone involved in this...

If anything the PS3 'Fanboy' community cannot be labeled as 'not taking it'. In fact, they really have taken crap for so long that its no wonder they are genuinely happy with news like this and other related articles ffs.

I congratulate the recent sales news regarding the PS3 not only because of the above but because competition is healthy in this industry.

nice_cuppa4136d ago

just think of all the sites every week for the last 18 months i could have put up 360 sales threads.

mist opportunity or what ?, so small !

Real Gambler4136d ago

Still more than 100 articles about 360 sales posted by your friends then! Including some recent articles about the fact that the new 3 years warranty seem to have boosted the 360 sales... Let me guess, those are worthy???
This is a news because for a while, the trend has changed...
You can be sure that as soon as the number will drop (there's always a spike when there's a price drop), then there will be tens of news about the fact that the PS3 sales are dropping.

A news is a news. Stick with your forums if you don't like the news about the PS3!

Scions Wrath4136d ago

These articles must be true as there are so many of them coming in on several websites saying the same thing.

DrRage774136d ago

is it just me or does anyone else out there realize that ebay sales mean absolutely nothing for console hardware numbers. whether the 360 or ps3 sell 1 console, or 1,000,000 on ebay, that doesn't amount to anything since most of the consoles on ebay are USED...which means these were already purchased at some point, and now people are selling them to get rid of them. sales from ebay do not expand the actual userbase for microsoft or sony by much (yes, there are brand new consoles on ebay, but a MAJORITY or used)

also, there are roughly 650 ps3 consoles selling on ebay and 1500 xbox360's, so if sales increased by 18% or 50%, does that really make much of a dent for either platform considering half are used and half are new consoles??

why do people bother posting articles like these anyway?? ebay sales are USELESS for xbox360 and ps3 retail sales numbers

weekapaugh4136d ago

secondary markets are commonly used as an indicator of consumer demand.

DrRage774136d ago

yes, secondary markets are a gauge of consumer demand, but you still have to realize that more than half of the consoles sold on ebay (no matter what platform they are) are USED consoles...that means when one person buys an xbox360 or ps3, another person no longer has one due to selling theirs. so if tons of consoles are being sold on ebay, it is indicating there is a big demand for them, but it is also indicating that there are lots of people trying to get rid of's a 1:1 exchange on used consoles. you lose one person in the install base (seller), and then gain one also (buyer).

so it's really a bit misleading when you look at a place like ebay for sales figures. if all consoles sold on ebay were brand new from outlet stores, then it would be a different story, but we are dealing with used consoles being passed back and forth between individuals, which does not increase the number of people that have a system, it merely keeps the numbers in limbo.

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