MCV confirms 149$ price tag for Natal

MCV : "MCV has been lead to believe that reports citing a $149 RRP (£103) for Microsoft’s Project Natal are accurate."

Abash5172d ago

Not going to pay that much for it

bioshock12215172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

Yeah I agree that is way to much. I thought it was going to be somewhere around $50-80 but $150 is just way to much for just a camera. Too bad I was really excited for it but if it does turn out to be true then I wont get it. I just can't see myself paying that much for an add on.

-Alpha5172d ago

MS is forcing it like it's attached to the 360 like a Siamese twin. There are rumors of $299 Xbox/Natal packages but as a standalone that is indeed too damn expensive.

Raf1k15172d ago

If it is $150 it'll be about £150 here which is far too much. £60 to £70 is what I'd be willing to pay for it.

Hideo_Kojima5172d ago

I guess that is why Sony said it was too expensive for this generation...

And they went and found a better cheaper and more accurate way of tracking movements in 3D.


thor5172d ago

I'm not entirely sure Sony's is the best solution either. It will probably be a bit cheaper; but you need to buy one controller per person unlike Natal and you need to buy the camera as well.

Both devices will fail to capitalize on the existing player base. It's too much to ask people to buy a $150 addon just so they can play with balls in that Ricochet game.

zeeshan5172d ago

This "news" can't be true. I am calling it!

A $150 price tag is too much for an "add-on". Yes, you can say that it is not an add-on and it's a whole new experience blah blah yade yade ya, but to me, it is nothing more but an add-on, an accessory and that's about it. It is one thing to introduce a new console and slap it with a $500 or $600 price tag but it's totally another to introduce an add-on that costs almost about the cost of the console itself.

I really never believed that Natal will help M$ extend the life of Xbox360, not even at the $50 price point let alone $150 which I bet is simply not true.

FanboysWillHateMe5172d ago

That's less than one game, did you really think Natal would cost less than one game? Believe me, people will pay big money to be able to control the dashboard with a flick of their hand. Controller less gaming is something new...for the most part we've always had to play games with something in our hands. Natal is changing that, I think people will buy it just because the technology itself is impressive (like Apple products).

bednet5172d ago

The reason Apple products sell is because they work well.

I'm not saying Natal won't work well, but not all touch devices work as well as Apple products. Let's cross our fingers that Microsoft did their homework.

HolyOrangeCows5172d ago

It's not looking good for Natal. Five or so sources have claimed a price around $150 USD now.

JAMurida5172d ago

Just curious, but wasn't the HD-DVD drive add on like $199.99?

Anon19745172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

FanboysWillHateMe stated "Believe me, people will pay big money to be able to control the dashboard with a flick of their hand."

Are you being serious? 'Cause I gotta say, your statement is on par with "Believe me, people will pay big bucks to wipe their asses with their left hand instead of the right."

Who are these people who would pay big money to control their dashboard with the flick of a hand? Have you asked anyone about this before you stated that?

Here's a suggestion. Ask some gamers if they'd pay "big money" to be able to flick through their dashboard with just their hand. If they won't pay "big money", ask how much they'd be willing to pay extra to replace a button press with a hand flick.

How about you just ask 10 gamers that question, then report back to us and let us know if you're still convinced.

As for this gamer right here, i'd pay NOT have to wave around my hands in the air to navigate the dashboard. That's what a controller is for. You can count me as Gamer #1 in your study. I'm also one of those gamers that think that Natal even at $50 has an uphill battle ahead of it. It's a camera. This isn't new. Why do you suddenly think Natal is going to fly off the shelves? If it didn't before, why would it now? Even if it's a little better than other cameras that came before, the idea that this will start a revolution in games because it's so new and hip is laughable.

SaberEdge5172d ago

Why are some of you acting surprised? This is right around the price that I was expecting.

If it offers a neat experience and has the games to support it I will definitely buy it.

FanboysWillHateMe5172d ago

The same people that paid big money for plastic guitars and drums. The same people who paid big money for a console that features motion controls. Basically, people who can afford it and like to take part in something that hasn't been done before.

Navigating menus without a controller isn't the only reason people are excited about Natal, don't be an idiot, boy. And you go ahead and do that study yourself man, I'll let the sales numbers prove my point when Natal ships. You all underestimate the potential of Natal, and the advertising power of Microsoft.

gaffyh5172d ago

Too much for most consumers. The bundle is a decent price though, but lack of HDD is a little annoying. I think this possibly could be a fake number put out by MS, so that when they announce it for $120 it seems reasonable.

PCnPS3Gamer5172d ago

hddvd player 200 dollar add on, ms hdd 60 gb was like 200 dollars. wifi was 129 lol...stop saying its to much for an add on lol when every ms add on costs more or the same as natal...god damn dumb sheep....yeah its too much for an add on but its ms were talking about here, everything is to much even they windows software is like 249 lol bullshit.
i get why people bash the wii its kids toy, i get why people bash natal cuz its for 5 year olds that cant sit fuckin still,

BUT I DO NOT GET WHY PEOPLE BASH THE MOVE. SOME GAMES ARE FUNNER WITH MOTION LIKE BOXING GAMES....DO U EXPECT THE MOVE TOP BE AS CRAPPY AS THE WII..LIKE IM JUST LOST. dont get me wrong i love my controller but i cant deny the move is gunna be fun to mix my gaming up...and the fact that itle be so versatile shooters, sports games, rpgs party games....not to mention the possibilitys of all ur favorite old games getting patched with move....like if you buy the move its not gunna get old because its just like using a different controller to play ur games....you dont get board of joysticks, or racing wheels or fighter controllers. think of the move like a racing wheel or whatever natal is gunna be just as crappy as the ps eye alone difference is ms is gunna advertise it more but us true hardcore gamers will know its crap...im not hopping on the natal smoke and mirrored hype train.

Anon19745172d ago (Edited 5172d ago )

Find 10 gamers and ask them if they'd pay big money to be able to navigate the dashboard with hand waves. If they won't pay "big money", ask them how much extra it would be worth to them to replace button presses with hand waves.

There are a couple of accessories that have done well such as Guitar Hero and Wii-Fit, but the scrapheap of history is filled with failed accessories and in this case, it's an accessory that no one has asked for. Have you every said "You know what's really hampering my enjoyment of this game? Buttons! I hate having to use buttons and joysticks to control video games!"
No one has.

That's why I challenge you to go put your theory to 10 gamers and see what their response is. Would you pay "big money" to navigate the dashboard with hand flicks? I'm just using your words. That's what you said, not me. Now back it up. I'm not the one making ridiculous claims of gamers ready to line up to dish out big money for a camera.

chaosatom5171d ago

They can either sell it as a loss or don't succeed in selling enough.

UltraNova5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

I like MS as much as the next guy (not at all basically :p) but as a guy above stated dont underestimate MS's marketing department, it may very well be the most influencing marketing department in history. If MS wants people to buy their stuff they will make you buy it. Personally I can see through them since a long time ago...

Dont forget though that Natal recognizes up to 4 people. If Sony prices the MOVe at around 50 bucks you will need 200 bucks to equip 4 players (for those who want 4 controllers that is). 2 would do for me..

E3 is where all these speculations going to be put to rest...

Immortal Kaim5171d ago

LOL it must be clear to anyone that this site is flooded with PS3 fanboys, look at the rumour bar at the top, they have voted "hopefully" for this price being true :)

The Lazy One5171d ago

He didn't say gamers. He said people.

@ article

Isn't that the UK price. I think most things launch more expensive in the UK than they do in the US. I still think natal's selling point will be in bundles. They'll probably price it high through the holidays to convince people to buy a system and natal to help their numbers, then after the holiday drop the price of natal to it's more realistic price.

commodore645171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

@ FanboysWillHateMe

Dude, you are spot on!

For evidence of success of hardware peripherals that seem to defy logic, the plastic 'drumkits' and 'guitars' of Guitar Hero are a prime example.

I am a semi pro musician in real life and it simply amazes that these plastic gimmicks have sold so well, when in theory they are just junk.

You are most likely right on the money when you assert that consumers will pay good money to control their interface with a 'flick of the hand'. Of course, that is not only what Natal is about - it's just a very small novelty factor. The real benefit will be the potential of awesome fun that can be had - well, fun for everyone that's not a fat, lazy couch potato... lol!

It's certainly possible and highly likely that Natal will entice consumers to hand over good money for this novelty and immersion experience. Plastic drumkits are such an apt metaphor!
If plastic drumkits and 'guitars' with buttons can succeed, then the stage is set for the probable success for Natal, imo.

MS is right behind this one and they will undoubtedly make sure gamers see the real and tangible benefits, apart from the novelty factor.
I'd say the odds are in favour of you being right, FanboysWillHateMe.

I am guessing a good proportion of the ones who are hating on Natal before even trying it, are simply lazy, old and fat, who dislike the idea of being active in any way... or maybe they just like being negative?

I have to say I am getting kind of sick of seeing the 'old anti MS guard' infest innovation and progress with their constant negativity.
Sadly, it has become a hallmark of N4g.
In virtually every 360 article, the same trolls crop up.

In any case, it is time for the new generation of gamers to speak up and vote with their wallets.
I am guessing MS is talking to them, not the familiar n4g trolls.

- Ghost of Sparta -5171d ago

You could buy two PS Move controllers and the total price would still not amount to the overpriced-for-no-reason Natal.

The Lazy One5171d ago

2 PSmove controllers supports 2 players for some games (1 for others).

Natal can register a whole body on 4 players.

cryymoar5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

"Natal can register a whole body on 4 players."
in theory.

I don't think i've seen a single working demo of a Natal game that uses 4 people, especially in an average lit room, that isn't pre-rendered CG.

Remember what happened when they tried using Natal with just one person.
"Bam! There it is!"

chazjamie5171d ago

people will pay for this. it will sell no matter how you look at. just look at how the ipad did. its supposed to be a recession. yeah right. natal will sell. i am surprised they didnt ask for more.