PS3 Exclusive Horror Title : Imabi Kisou - First Screens


"We don't know anything about this game. All we know is that, it has been announced as a Playstation 3 exclusive , is a survival horror game and thats about it".


Sound Novel is the English title

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ReconHope5427d ago

nice. does anybody know what the english name for the game is? or has it not been announced yet?

Lord Anubis5427d ago

I don't know but based on the gal on the third pick. it looks like it could be Sirens.

timmyp535427d ago

most likely... looks freaky

boi5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

lol its real people...damn it will scare if u ever seen jap horrors...and if it uses real people for the cutscenes it be scary

check out "the wig" a nice J-horror which is bloody scarier then the ring

Kyur4ThePain5427d ago

Scariest sh!t ever.

360theAssasinsCreed5427d ago

I am picking one up August 3rd to compliment my 360 and really am starting to get excited in Sony again with some of these games they showed at E3. Lair is a big one for me looks phenominal, of course you have MGS4 and FF13 but those are givens LOL. I was just wanting some feedback from you guys that own the PS3 and have spent time with it, on which games out now are worth getting. I like MLB the Show07 i played it at friends house on the PS2 though is it worth getting for the PS3? Also thinking of Resistance, Heavenly Sword of which most of the games are still a little while away but since the price drop on the 60GB i figured time to pick one up so i will be set when these top PS3 games drop.

On Topic this game looks to be freaky indeed can't wait to hear more about this game.

Very good time to be a gamer for sure.

FFVIIFan5427d ago

Resistance and Motorstorm. If you didn't play the original get Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Get Virtua Fighter 5, unless you wanna wait for the 360 version for online play. And if you don't have it for the 360, Oblivion.

boi5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Resistance is your best choice :) and the rest well dotn spend too much on them yet just wait for the other games thats coming trust me all you need is resistance for now

for now...until Heavenly Sword and the rest comes out

Edit: and no not VF5 it you want to get VF5 get it on 360

360theAssasinsCreed5427d ago

yeah i was thinking of resistance, motorstorm and sigma, yeah i have oblivion on 360 so i won't get that its a pretty good game though.

I have played the original ninja gaiden on xbox but will still get it for the PS3 its an awesome game, but i will probably wait a little on that. Instead i will then go for Resistance and Motorstorm i can't wait for Lair that game looks like fun nothing like flying in on a dragon to wipe out an entire army LOL. Also is Lair coming out Aug. 14th like lame gamestop's website suggests i haven't seen any info on lair's release date so was just wondering.

Thank you though boi and FFVIIFan for the suggestions

by the way i really hope they make the remake of FFVII for the PS3 that was the first JRPG i ever played i know i was in the dark LOL but ever since that game i have enjoyed all the JRPG's.

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The story is too old to be commented.