HDScape gives up HD DVD exclusivity, moves to Blu-ray

Another sign that HD-DVD is losing ground, the once HD-DVD exclusive movie group has now announced it's moving to Blu-ray.

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Laka4161d ago

There are plenty of Blue-ray exclusive released on HD DVD in Europ, why is that? Isn't that bad news for Blue-ray camp? If online store like Amazon cary them, so exclusive doesn't mean much when you can import the same title on both formats.

aiphanes4161d ago

I have not seen it anywhere...there are no exclusive blurays on HD-DVD and visa versa...

skynidas4161d ago

is blu-ray not blue-ray

Keyser4160d ago


It really is 'bluray'. A little odd but true.

Mr VideoGames4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

the F*GGOTY SONY FANBOYZ are always going to try and make up Sh*t like this i say just let it be if it makes them feel better

Ghoul4161d ago

any way you continue your fanboyism without insults all the time ?

gamehead4161d ago

wat happened to your video attachment? I thought it was so funny really shows the inferiority of the ps3 the fact that if you use a chainsaw on it it gives way and it burns under fire hahahaha. Hillarious. Good thing xbox is stronger than that at least the only thing we deal with are red lights

Ghoul4161d ago

whats wrong with you people this is about the bluray and hdvd

NOT the 360 and ps3

heck the 360 uses DVD ffs

Frulond4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

and will stay that way.
not just because of movies, but as a storage option for computers

THE_JUDGE4161d ago

does this even really suprise anyone??

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The story is too old to be commented.