OXM Interviews Mark Rein on UT3 and GoW

OXM caught up with Mark Rein this week to interview him about Unreal Tournament III and Gears of War. They talk about a lot of different things, but here are some interesting exerpts.

So what will 360 owners love about Unreal Tournament III?

Rein: It rocks. It's so much fun to play on console. There's a little bit of auto-aim like on Gears... what I like is none of our success on console has affected our games on PC. We have mods on UT for PlayStation3 and...

What about the 360 version?

Rein: To bring mods to 360, we're going to have to make some serious changes.

So you're not going to include them?

Rein: Oh, it's going to happen but 360 is a closed system so we have to work with Microsoft on that.

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nice_cuppa5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

So 360 is getting the mod stuff and extra dev time !


; )

How about all the good mods that will be allowed on the consoles are added to market place (free) and you just download them.

To all that think the mods on consoles wont be regulated just look at all the fuss manhunt and hot coffee made.
Sony, Microsoft and Epic will check the mods before allowing mass availability.

You might be able to transfer content by card to friends but that is very limited.

i hope n4g change the disagee to names.
i.e. you click on the number and it tells you who disagreed with you.

MarioFromTexas5427d ago

I think UT3 on 360 will get Epic created content but how is joe doe from the street supposed upload on to the market place, I don't see that happening.

Xbrainer5427d ago

im sure they will find a way

PS360WII5427d ago

Well least it's easy for mods to get on PC and PS3. There will be mods for 360 but most likely they'll be pay for downloads.

PS360WII5427d ago

Okay fine the 360 version is going to be the uberest of all the UTIII and will rain down and laugh at the inferior versions found on PS3 and PC. All the mods will be packed into the game and will be found for free on Marketplace with a red bow tied around it with Bill smiling and thanking us for all the loving we have all given to the Xbox brand name. Then they will give us all 360 owners a beta version of UTIV.

Now I expect 40 agrees and 12 disagrees with this post thank you

HokieFan5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Why would you assume that you have to pay on Live? He said they're going to be there on the 360, they just have some work to do with MS. I think your assumption that you have to pay for them is why you have disagrees.

PS360WII5427d ago

Well it's because it's an easy assumtion to make. Epic already stated that they wanted to put stuff out on Marketplace for free but MS said they needed to charge. Now suddenly we all expect MS to say ah never mind it should be free..?

HokieFan5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

I think MS said that is was a security issue, not a payment issue. They didn't want to open Live up to potential hacks and such.

Plenty of content has been released for free on Live. Remember the Gears of War maps? Those were even released by Epic.

Lyberator5427d ago

As I said below here the publisher sets the price of content for the XBLM. Ms is not the publisher of UT3 so they can't make them charge for anything. In gears they could because they published it.

PS360WII5427d ago

Well I'd love for the mods to be free. I'm not saying I want them to charge for the mods for they are user created. Hmm maybe they could use XNA for the mods on UTIII that could be a way for Epic and MS to come to middle grounds

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kewlkat0075427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

just like Windows, Ms is a very closed system indeed. Unlike the PS3 which has linux. If the 360 version comes out later and has Mods, as well as Extras and I know it will, then UT3 will be a hot one on XBL, that's if and when gamers get sick of Halo 3. So no worries here fellow gamers.

Now paying for Mods, well thats a different story, we'll just have to wait and see. I'm still not exactly sure the the PS3 mods will work either, if anyone can explain?.

Odion5427d ago

KewlKat would i be right if i said that your pic is that of Linx from Chrono Cross?

PS360WII5427d ago

I think Mark said you make the mods on the PC and then you can download it on the PS3

kewlkat0075427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

A very low budget RPG, that I really liked, as well as Chrono Trigger. The thing is when will SE bring the Chrono series back...I have liked FF but this series deserves a next-gen game. Let me go start a petition...haha

PS360WII - Thanks, well that can be a good or bad thing, but for creativity, Open Mods can be better, as opposed to Mods Xbox 360 fans might have to buy or something, not sure how that is going to work but all I know MS is not as open as linux.

Staircase5427d ago

Topic - Hopefully they will get the 360 mods system to work good, and be free. Even though I plan on buying it for the PS3... ^^;

kewlkat007 - I am sure a lot of people would sign that petition. The Chrono series was my favorite behind Final Fantasy, and I would love to see it come back. I hear a lot of other people saying the same, they should really bring it to this-gen.

kewlkat0075427d ago


I think it's my favorite too behind the FF series. I also have enjoyed the "Breath of Fire" series, damn CAPCOM need to Resurrect that one too...

So go and sign for Chrono Trigger...I'm surprise it is not on Virtual Console yet, on the Wii.

PS360WII5427d ago

I do believe they want to make another Chrono the only problem they have is getting the original team together to make it happen :(

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nice_cuppa5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )


its real.
i can't wait till we can compare 360 version to ps3 version.

(oh and so you know if you got the money the pc version will always be the best)

owned !

actually rev that would be a comparison that makes sense plus i got agree so i'm not alone.
i just finished overlord...great game and funny too.
now i'm going to play call of juares.

Microsoft spent lots of money on gears. they wanted some back.
Microsoft didn't spend lots of money on ut3. so they don't need to charge.
think about it !

rev205427d ago

You are looking forward 2 comparing the same game on two different consoles that are months apart i mean please

Open the door and take a step outside

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