ModNation Racers First Week Sales Are 'Very Low'

PS3Hype writes: 'ModNation Racers, in my opinion a brilliant game, it does unfortunately not so well in Europe. Not all people see the game as the Mario Kart on the PlayStation 3. In ModNation Racers you can create your own race tracks, and you can share those with friends or people all around the world.'

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darkequitus3120d ago

Maybe because because it was release around the same time as S/S and Blur. It does not mean it won't pick up later. Not all games start fast out of the blocks.

Yi-Long3120d ago

... but no way I'm paying 60 euro for it! Especially not if they're also going to release paid DLC for it (not sure if they are, but considering LBP and many other titles, they probably will)

I'll wait till it drops to about 20 bucks orso.

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zootang3120d ago

Life must be difficult with one console

Heartnet3120d ago

On Love Film you can buy it for £17...

talltony3120d ago

off gohastings. Too good of deal to pass up!

sikbeta3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


Sorry but, WTF are you talking about? comparing sales of AW with MNR, 2 totally different games, for 2 different consoles

Poorly executed?

At least Explain Why...

Oh I get it, just trolling... and don't Worry about Sony, they know how to do their Job by themselves...

The Wood3120d ago

the free stuff outweighs the 1 available dlc by an infinite amount. Show me 1 game this gen where you have more than 50 tracks on the first day......The campaign actually has a story and its got 4 player offline split or 2 split online. It downloads tracks in seconds to play (once the loadings done) Ive definitely paid more for less this gen...Nothing wrong with waiting for the p to drop but this game is definitely worth it

nycredude3120d ago

Yeah I got it from Go Hasting for $40 and it just shipped!! Woohoo! I wonder if I could a make a track that goes upside down.

Anon19743120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Some Dutch guy's take on incomplete vgchartz numbers? This is vgchartz. Their PS3 numbers have been wrong by almost a million for 6 months now. In what world are we critiquing weekly sales figures of anything off this site? And the guy's point? "This is a good game which is fun an people should buy it."

Wtf? How did this get approved?

lovestospoodge3120d ago

you joined N4G and wrote 6 fanboy comments in the same span of ten minutes? jesus christ

Biggest3120d ago

The paid DLC in LBP is usually something that doesn't change your game experience. The 2 DLC packs since LBP'S release that mattered did cost though.

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KiRBY30003120d ago

and they say N4G is full of PS3 fanboys...

Ult iMate3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

I think, you're missing the whole point of PlayCreateShare ideology. You'll get a million additional tracks to race in about a year. For $60. What else do you want from an arcade racing game??

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thor3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Why the hell aren't you treating this as a full game? Why wouldn't you pay full price?

Did you pay full price for God of War 3?
Did you pay full price for Alan Wake?

So many games come with an 8-hour campaign mode and that's it! Why is it that people complain about LBP and MNR as though they should cost less? They offer MORE than your average game. I paid full price for CTR when it came out, because it was a full game well worth my money. So is MNR.

klado3120d ago


And we have a winner...bunch of ignorant whoever nay say this.

Yi-Long3120d ago

... when 'seconds' after they are released, there's DLC out that costs EXTRA.

That just means we're basically getting an incomplete game, with some games being more obvious and guilty than others.

No, I didn't pay full price for GOD3. No I didn't pay full price for Alan Wake. No I won't be paying full price for Fable 3, Super SF4, and I won't buy a game full price which has or will be DLC-milking.

Fable 2? I waited for the cheap GOTY edition. Fallout 3? Same thing. Gears of War 2? Ditto. Forza 3? Still waiting.

These are games that I would have bought full price when they were released, IF they had just announced that all coming DLC would be FREE. I would have spend 50-60 bucks on it.

Knowing there will be DLC coming that costs me money, I will just wait till it hits the bargain-bin, and buy other games instead.

I haven't bought ANY DLC (except actual GREAT DLC which really adds something, like the GTA4 chapters, although I just bought those on disc), and I will never ever support DLC-practices.

I buy a game for max. 50-60 euro, and that should be it.

Monkey5213120d ago

I would hardly call MNR incomplete because they have paid add-on at the launch. It's only a costume and a car mod. O, and it costs $1.75 OMG THAT IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, you don't have to buy those costumes/car mods to make the game complete, they are "extra feature" thus called *ADD-ONS*.

Yi-Long3120d ago

... It's the principle that counts. If the DLC is ready at the time of release of the game, and they ask money for it, it's DLC milking.

I'm NOT going to support that DLC, and it also means I won;t be buying such games full price.

You guys can do whatever you like. I'm not going to support it.

It's indeed very little money, but I can also use that money, put it together with the money I save from not buying simular DLC-scams, to get another game from the bargain-bin.

GodsHand3120d ago

$1.75 for the add-on. That's just the begining. Look at Little Big Planet, they have maybe over $40 worth of add-ons. It adds up. If you bought the game for $60, now it just became a $100 game with add-ons. They don't all add new modes or gameplay features, all it was is a new costume. Some of it may be worth it to some, and not to others. I personaly pay for some add-on content.

coolcut1353120d ago

@ Yi Long
the game is worth it. stop crying. does any game give u a million tracks and hundreds of car mods for $60. stop cryin and realize a good deal when u see it

The Wood3120d ago

i understand your sentiment about release day dlc at a cost (makes me sick to my stomach that people fall for it) but i think you're being a bit 'wrong n strong' here. United front have allowed us to create and share an infinite amount of tracks and mods yet all you've focused on is the one cart and avatar....If thats milking then you may as well give up gaming this gen because as i said above the free far outweighs the cost ESPECIALLY since that same dlc could probably and already has been recreated JUST like the kratos, nathan drake, sackboy etc. I think you're being too harsh.. Dont miss out because of this

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sikbeta3120d ago

What a Shame, Game looks like Great FUN, I didn't pick it up yet, but I'll do it ASAP...


IT IT GREAT FUN. Anyways at first I was kind of skeptical about this game based on some reviews that really exagerated the load times. I picked it and it is just amazing. The control is the only complaint I have as it is kind of loose but a few races will get you controlling it like a pro. The game deserves full price ignorant fools tell me. Wich game let you use thousands of characters with thousands of karts to race on thousands of tracks ( some even better than the ones included on the game) and let you create thousands more? GT5?? Forza?? Split Second?? Blur?? I wish you understand the value of this kind of games. The same endless replay value that anyone who have LBP knows and dont regret paying full price. Its kind of funny that some of you are willing to pay full price for short games like New Super Mario Bros Wii but are not willing to enjoy endless multiplayer fun with games like LBP and this. GAMERS TODAY!!!LOL!!


vhero3120d ago

As great as it is yet again its fallen to no advertising in the UK.. I have seen zero adverts on the TV or anything for the game. This is the difference between Sony exclusives and MS exclusives. MS will pump millions into advertising.. The problem is of course it's upto Sony to help the devs out with this as the devs are only small and cannot afford that kind of marketing. MS want to get ahead and pay millions for it where as Sony act smug and think.. We are gonna win in the end so why spend a crap load of money to get there?

SOAD3119d ago

I live in the states and I've seen plenty of commercials of MNR, especially during the Eastern and Western Conference finals of the NBA on TNT. And those commercials must have cost Sony a lot of money, and there's a large amount of people watching these games, so Sony is definitely supporting MNR in some regions more than others.

Wrathman3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

MNR is a very casual game.this should be looked at as a warning shot to sony.who are trying and wanting to target the casual market with MOVE at the end of this just proves that the system itself is not geared to the casual market.and frankly how could it be at such a high price.

worrying times for MOVE. safe to say MNR would have sold a ton of copies if it was on wii.

its also worth noting that this site also quotes vgchartz.

avengers19783119d ago

A high price witch is the same as the 360, oh wrathman why do you fail so much.

N4BmpS3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

He does it to get under people skin, he's like a cyber rash or tick that you want to get rid of but can't, cuz this site allows one bubble. He has no idea what he's talking about, if this title was on the Wii, there would be no guarantee that it would sell well considering it's made by a 3rd party dev and 3rd party's such as "United Front" might not do well as say Mario Kart.

Considering that he overlooked the fact that Natal is aiming hard at the casual market speaks in volumes in terms of how ignorant he is. Actually if you look at the build of hype for this game you could tell that it would have low first week sales(unfortunately), not every new IP is going to be an Assassins Creed. So that's my theory of why he fails so much(he's stupid).

DigitalRaptor3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

yeah, this is such a casual game, just like LBP is... -.-

Nice try, but all I see you doing is trying to make an assumption out of nothing. And then bringing in PS Move, just because you want it to fail. How is ModNation racers a casual game when it will have such a hardcore community like LBP, creating amazing tracks, mods etc?

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Tapewurm3120d ago

Lotta folks were lined up for the midnight launch of this title at my local is well worth the money......very addictive to say the least.....the gameplay and handling are amazing and actually take skill ....races aren't easy to win just by pressing a button and stearing.....strategy and actual thinking come into play here...very fun game...and the tools used to let u create stuff are amazing.....first game of this type that I actually like and will be playing pretty regular. Doubters don't doubt :)

ProjectVulcan3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

I completely agree. Little Big Planet is very much a similar user content driven experience. These games get better over time, much much better. Which is why i suppose LBP sales were villified as 'poor' and a 'flop' when it launched.

To date, it has sold over 3 million copies.

First weeks sales on PS3 are never a reliable guide to the potential success of a game, because word of mouth spreads. PS3 enjoys these slow burning sales that can be deceptive to the masses that seem to jump on the hype wagons of other games on other platforms, often only to be disappointed and sales abruptly drop.

Have i personally bought this game yet? No. Too early. Will i pick it up when the price drops, and quality user content flow freely? Absolutely...

avengers19783120d ago

If I remeber correctly LBP didn't sell very well in the beging either but as more and more people heard about it there sales kept increasing and today LBP has sold great. I think the same will happen with MNR. I picked it up and it's great fun, and there is already a ton of user created content.

OwNizzleD3120d ago

I agree with that. I already got a couple of my friends to pick it up and they love it too. I think word of mouth will sell a lot of copies.

ceedubya93119d ago

Every game isn't going to start out hot out of the gates. Not to mention the game came out in month of numerous heavy hitters. I think that this game will sell slowly over time, but still sell nonetheless.

NewZealander3119d ago

ill wait till its in the bargain bin, im not saying its a bad game, but im not paying full price for a kart racer, too many other big games around demanding my cash at the moment.

Christopher3119d ago

Does that mean that Alan Wake's sales of 80k was also 'very low'?

Honestly, how about we give the games some time to actually walk before we start booing them?

chitownzown3119d ago

When did this game release? if I'm not mistaken it released on the 24th right. so after one day the sales are lackluster???

Ilikegames763119d ago

are 7 days in a week. Didn't this game just released on the 25th of May? It's just 2 days right now. In Asia, the game won't be released until a month later.

Cevapi883119d ago

is it just me or am i the only one having connection issues with the times it will just disconnect from the server and joining friends fails numerous times...i just want to know if anyone else is having these issues...the game is great overall and making tracks will never get old...who knew playing on a generic round track with powerups every other turn would be awesome...everybody would be laughing their asses off as we get mowed down by neverending attacks....and we all get owned by the AI in the end bcuz no one is paying attention to the what position they are in :)

TROLL EATER3119d ago

not surprising looks like a downloadable psn title

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knightdarkbox3120d ago ShowReplies(2)
stefanrenne3120d ago

I don't know. All PS3 Exclusives (most of them) are great games, but the sales stay low. If you compare it to games like Gears of War and Halo. I don't understand it :S

PirateThom3120d ago

That's just it "if you compare it to Gears of War and Halo".

360 exclusives don't, for the most part, sell like those games either.

n4gno3119d ago

you are right, and we have way more great exclusives on ps3, people can't buy every games.

Aery3120d ago

Please, stop to compare to Halo/Gears.
About sale Halo is Halo. Period.
Lots of PS3 exclusive doing a great job, may happen some game don't sell good and this happen to X360 too with more hyped and good game (Alan Wake for example).

Still a very low numbers for ModNation and this is a bit sad.

chrisnick3120d ago

gears was the new hotness on a new system(and the sawing of enemies was nuts) so it made sense that would sell the way it did halo 3 was a 3rd iteration of an already proven franchise on a new gen system so that also made sense. But what you have to look at as far as ps3 exclusives is a few things. 1-It's been 3.5 years and sony is STILL putting out first time titles from existing devs out (GT5,Last Guardian). 2-The majority of the heavy hitting ps3 exclusives are the first of this gen, excluding ucharted and resistance. 3-the head start makes any game on 360 sell well...IN AMERICA. 4- and I can't stress this enough...ps3's games, the full library has such huuge VARIATION any person can find a game they like on this system. I don't know how but this somehow bothers initial sales, the thing is gives all the games great loooong legs. but ms clearly new which group they were going after when they made the 360...and had all of us buying those awesome IP's up while paying to use our own internet connections and making me replace my system every couple of months...still my favorite system till gears 2 though...9 month great exclusive droughts are a no-no.

Jdoki3120d ago

Halo, and to a lesser extent Gears, are the exception, not the rule.

Halo is a great game, but with a 30million+ marketing budget behind it, it's gonna shift copies!

Most PS3 games are very long tail products. This contrasts with the 360 which seems to do exceptionally well on pre-orders and first day sales.

And this is no flame towards 360 owners (I am one myself) but PS3 owners have certainly had more pressures on their wallets!!

madmonkey03120d ago

xbox fans dont have any other choice, they either buy thoose games or have to settle for mediocre, ps3 gamers have a much broader range of higher quality games to choose from. 2 new exclusives this week alone, both very different.

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BeaArthur3120d ago

Kart racing is kind of an isolated market and doesn't have the audience of an arcade or sim racing game. I only tried the demo, but the customization was pretty fun.

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Biggest3120d ago

I picked it up last night and the game is a blast. But keep in mind I have kids and a wife that played SNES. The customization is a blast and a lot easier than expected. It sucks if they don't sell well over time. I'd love to see more from these guys.

Ult iMate3120d ago

I believe Mario Kart sold 14 mil.
So the genre definately have the audience.
Arcade racing games were always more popular on consoles, if you look at the console racing games history.

Arvis_Jaggamar3119d ago

It really seems like Mario Kart both defines and defies the genre, though. Nintendo made a fun, solid, multiplayer racer that also happens to be filled to the brim with nostalgia. People have fond memories of Mario Kart on the SNES, back when Kart racing wasn't even a genre. Believe it or not, that sense of sentimentality pushes sales farther than almost anything else.


tdogchristy903120d ago

Don't get me wrong it looks like a great game in its own right, being a cart racer. But I think it's being compared to LBP too much and thus compared to LBP it is pretty average. I will be picking it up when it lowers in price a little though.